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Water, water everywhere

The Good Lord recently sent us some much needed rain. It was a good rain - coming down steady and at the right temperature.

It never ceases to amaze me that Mother Nature knows just what she needs. We had been watering for the past few weeks and the plants were alive but they weren't growing much. Yet with the rains we've had recently, it was like a magic wand. The seeds germinated and plants seemed to put on a few more inches.

My neighbor pumped from a pond until recently. While we kidded him about running dry in the middle of the summer, I think there is something that could be said about the water being just the right temperature - just like when you set the temperature on your shower at home and feel refreshed when it is finished.

As this rain came, the seeds suddenly germinated. The Swiss Chard came up in a nice long row. The potatoes started to sprout little leaves in the all the places they were supposed to be. Even the earliest plants, which had gotten frost burn just a few days before, were now pushing up new vegetation in place of the dead stuff. Unfortunately, our neighbor and his peach trees did not fair as well.

As I stated in a previous blog, I did not look forward to precipitation in the one field that was sprouting nutsedge. But through diligence and luck, I have been able to keep the sedge under control so I can continue to build on the soil amending goal I have set for the field.


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