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Wonderful Gift Giving Ideas and More Yummy Market Winter Thyme Recipes

There is a light dusting of snow on the ground and the air is chilled... next Friday will herald in the first day of Winter... my personal countdown to beloved Spring. I have Spring in the hoop house despite what the calender says right now... but today I am not feeling very well and thought I would do something else I love that I have been neglecting... "For Dragonflies and Me"... an essentially all of you who read this. The days have been growing shorter and the sunshine diminishing more and more each day. Today is a sunny day and I will be happy for that. Here are some great gift giving ideas for those of you that want to do something extra special and of course a few recipes. Enjoy friends.
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Farmers Markets & Foodshed's, Succession Planting and Three Yummy Farmer's Market Recipes!

What's a Foodshed you ask?  Most people who call themselves Localvore's, Foodies or the like will probably be familiar with this term, but for those of you who are not, here is a brief description and how you can make or find one!  *Though it may be unfamiliar, the term "foodshed" was used almost 80 years ago in a book entitled How Great Cities Are Fed (Hedden, 1929) to describe the flow of food from producer to consumer. Seven decades later, the term was used to describe a food system that connected local producers with local consumers (Kloppenburg et al., 1996). In this project, the general definition of a foodshed is a geographic area that supplies a population center with food. However, the Mapping Local Food Systems Project focused specifically on potential local foodsheds, areas of nearby land that could theoretically provide part or all of a city's food needs (Peters, 2007).
*Used from Cornell University web site, 2012
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The Market Is Getting Ready To Roll!

Hello all!

I am so excited about the new season that is about to start!

Please check out all the new great vendors you have to look forward to this winter in the Vendor tab as well as the list of Events on the web site. We are bringing in many of the vendors that you came to love last winter, including Willow Ridge Farms, Catain Johns Smoke House and Fostoria Bread Factory to name a few. We will be doing feature write ups here on the vendors so you can get to know them a bit better. Be sure to check out thier web sites listed and see all the great products they have!

I am also excited to announce that we will have regular bloggers going at it here, including myself at TOWFM. Keep posted for all the details and exciting events we have planned for you this coming Winter Season!

See you at the market

Jean Smith,

Market Manager

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