(Liverpool, Pennsylvania)
Pastured chicken and eggs, and fresh herbs

Now taking orders for our summer flock of meat chickens

We order all of our pastured chicken from www.mcmurrayhatchery.com the chicks arrive at the post office with in one day of hatching, delivery date is dependent on the hatch date. The chicks are raised on local feed and scratch purchased from the Mieserville Mill, ten miles down the road. And of course they are free to forage with-in a protective electric poultry fence. 11 weeks after arrival they will be dressed and ready for pick up. We do not use any anitbiotics and use only organic pest control methods.

All chickens are ordered in advance and require a deposit of $3 per bird ordered. We are now taking orders for our summer flock. Orders must be received, with deposit, by March 2, 2013. Dressed birds will then be ready for pick up on June 22, 2013. Full payment, less deposit, will be due at that time. Cost is $3.00 per pound, the average roaster is 6 pound. If picked up with in a week of butcher you can get them fresh after that they will be frozen. All birds are dressed whole and come with giblets and feet if requested at no extra charge. If you would like yours halved or quartered that will cost $1.00 more per bird.

Currently at this time we have eggs available from our mixed flock of heritage breed hens and ducks. Cost is $2 for chicken eggs and $3 for duck eggs.

Stay tuned for weekly updates from the farm!

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