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What's an egg worth?

 A family came for a farm tour and milking class yesterday and asked if I would consider allowing several families to go in on costs to feed my chickens non-soy non-gmo food.  I decided to actual sit down and run annual profits and costs.  What would you be willing to pay for good healthy eggs?  Make a mental note of your price limit now and then read on. 










Right now I am getting 4-5 dozen eggs a week from my 15 hens.  If things go like they did last year, my egg production will decrease with the heat next month to 2 dozen a week, 3 dozen on rare occasions.

Non-soy, non-gmo food is $26 per bag x 3 bags a month. $78 / 16 = $4.88 a dozen to cover feed only in good production months and $9.75 a dozen in slow months. FYI. My feed store only profits one dollar post bag of feed sold less his costs to go pick it up and stock it.

Yearly numbers look like:

$ 50 hen replacements
   936 non-soy non-gmo feed  $78 x 12 for 15 hens
     30 coop shavings or hay $5 x 6
    20 Oyster shells
       5  grit
    35 herbal wormer
$1076 yearly expenses

Nov-Jan 4 eggs a day x 30+31+31=92 days 
        368 eggs
Feb-May 8 eggs a day x 28+31+30+31=120 days
        969 eggs
June-Oct 4 eggs a day x 30+31+31+30+31=153 days
        612 eggs
       1949 eggs a year ÷ 12 = 162 dozen

$1076 ÷ 162 = $6.64 per dozen actual cost

1 hours labor per week x 52 = 52 hours x $10 = $520 per year makes eggs reasonably priced at

$1076 actual costs
$  520 labor for chicken care
$ 1596 ÷ 162 dozen = $9.85 a dozen with labor

It always amazes me how subsidized our food prices are.  Of course,  small scale is always more expensive.

Conventional feed is $14 x 3 x 12 = $504
    $1076 - 936 + 504 = $644 ÷ 162 = 3.98 actual cost

Conventional eggs with labor = 
   $644 + 520 = $1164 ÷ 162 = $7.20 per dozen

This is why people leave farming.  People can't afford to pay what our food is really worth and who wants to work for $10 an hour or less their whole life?  They have to really love what they are doing.  We all need to give our farmers of all kinds a BIG thank you!  

 Thanks for supporting your local farms. 

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