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I need help to make this pig farm work for me. Any suggestions.

I'm try real hard to make this farm work for me. I'm raising a special breed of pigs and it getting harder and harder to feed them and keep the price down.

I what everyone to understand my pigs are healthier for you to eat then regular pigs. I love raising them. Does anyone have any suggestion.

Thank you for  any help with this...

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Grandson riding a pig

My 5yr grandson helps me on the weekend. One day he ask to ride a pig. I have a very sweet GOS she weighs about 500pounds. We were in her pin and he ask to ride her so I put him on her, she such a great pig. She never stopped eating. It did not bother her at all. Next time I'm going to put a cowboy hat on him and step out of the picture. I have a pic of it on my website. Hes smile is so big it makes me laugh. 
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