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Meet the bug control team!

I have to say, I am AMAZED at the amount of bugs a bird can consume!  Just sitting at my computer and looking out the window, I can see our bug control team hard at work!  The workers that deserve the 'grand champion' of bug eating award are the turkeys!  From 6am this morning, they have head their heads down to the ground, eating bugs.  They move around the farm in little groups consuming bugs and grass in their path.  Wonderful! 

Our ducks would come in second place, followed by the chickens.  Don't get me wrong, the chickens consume tons of bugs also, but they tend to take more breaks than the duck crews and the turkey crews.  

In addition to bug control, they are fertilizing my farm!  That brings up another issue for us, fencing.  It is now necessary to invest in fencing around our house and drive.  Sometimes I feel like I am playing hopscotch around the bird poop to get to the car!  

These birds were the best investment we have made in bug control.  The only bugs that still seem to be a hassle are the ants and flies.  Not too bad!


Girls Quilted Activity Bag


On our list of gifts to make this year, are two boy activity bags.  My daughter made this bag for herself last year, and we are going to use the same style for the little boys. We are trying to find the perfect little piece of fabric for the boy bags.  This bag holds standard size coloring books or notebooks inside, and has small crayon pockets on the outside.  My daughter uses some of the bottom crayon pockets for pens, pencils, and lip gloss.  The bag is fully lined, with a piece of felt between for the quilted fee.  On the back, she chose a fun setting on the sewing machine to do her quilting lines.  Total assembly and sewing took her two days.  She spent about two hours each day on the project.  I think for being nine, she did a AWESOME job!  I can't wait to see the boy bags!

Christmas Planning - Wonderful Idea from Facebook Post -Thanks!

On our Facebook page for our farm,  there was a WONDERFUL suggestion for making Christmas presents with the family -  MAKE THE WRAPPING PAPER or GIFT BAGS!   The poster suggested making custom gift bags for each member that could be re-used again.  I LOVE this idea!  We have saved blank newsprint sheets in the past, and my children love to decorate with crayon, marker, glitter, stickers, basically anything in the art box!   Some newspaper offices will let you purchase the 'end rolls' of newsprint, which has enough paper to left on to wrap everything for Christmas!  I use to purchase them for a few bucks each and use them as table covers in my Sunday School class.  The kids could color all over, and no mess on the table!  They are very handy!   

Thanks for the great idea!  I will have to add custom gift bags to my list! 

Getting ready for canning beef stew! Yumm!

One of my all-time favorite items to put up in the pantry, is Beef Stew!  My garden is full of potato plants, onions and carrots so close to being ready to pull!  Their destination - the pantry shelf!  

This has become a yearly task for us, and one that is enjoyed by everyone!  My children love to pick the carrots and onions, and my husband loves to dig up the potatoes!  A full day of cubing meat, chopping vegetables and pressure canning by my mom and myself, yields enough jars of beef stew to fill both my parents' pantry and our pantry shelfs with plenty of stew to enjoy in the fall and winter!  


Christmas planning in May!

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2013 Spring bug update!

2013 Update on our Grasshopper control with adding ducks!  Ducks and chickens are busy eating bugs, and our plants are growing! With over twenty ducks and sixty chickens roaming around, bug control seems to be working!  [Read More]
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