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Centuries of preparation for a moment of taste.
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Royalty Pecan Farms in August

In July, the water the trees take up expands the size of the nuts. If there’s not enough water, the size will be small. In August, the water intake is devoted to expanding the size of the kernel inside the expanded nut.

During the growing season, the overall size of the nut, including the shuck, expands first. Early in the development of the pecan clusters, the green shucks are filled with a watery substance. During August, that watery substance gradually begins to solidify and become the pecan kernel. Then the shell hardens.

In Texas, the hot days and nights usually reach their peak in August. What little rain falls evaporates quickly or is rapidly taken up by the trees. We’ll continue to irrigate as needed.

Find more details about caring for pecan trees, photos, videos, recipes, and more at RoyaltyPecans.com.

About Our Farm

Our Story

In the Heart of Texas, where the Old San Antonio Road crosses the majestic Brazos River, lies a fertile piece of God’s earth known as Royalty Pecan Farms. Here we grow one of nature’s most healthful foods: the Texas pecan.

History records that native inhabitants, the American Indians, tell stories of the “Royal” tree that lined the banks of the great river. For centuries, the river has deposited rich soils along its route, preparing the landscape for the growing season. The pecan tree is a miraculous food factory that combines these soils with pure water and abundant sunshine to produce a nutritious nugget: the Royalty Pecan.

As stewards of the land and caretakers of the trees, we offer to you a delectable moment of taste that is literally centuries in the making.

Our Mission

Our vision is to share this place with those who appreciate healthy living and enjoy the goodness of natural foods. We want Royalty Pecan Farms to be a rewarding place to spend one’s time. We will continually measure and evaluate so as to improve our results. Finally, we will educate and share the experience with others and tell of the goodness of pecans and of the beauty of God’s blessing here.

Find more details about our farm, products, photos, videos, recipes, and more at RoyaltyPecans.com.

Aerial view of Royalty Pecan Farms and surrounding area with skyline of Bryan/College Station on the horizon. Photo copyright Royalty Pecan Farms 2012.

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