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Crafts in the market...

We had this discussion a year and a half ago when the local farmer's market was just going to showcase crafts on one Saturday a month. So my question was...Where do soaps fit in? I am using home grown herbs and flowers in the products. How about handspun yarns? My own animals provided the fiber. There are lots of other examples, but these two were closest to my heart and my possible financial gain. Well, of course, it was all right, I was told, but not by the folks who had made the rules/decisions. Unfortunately, it seems that there are times when the folks making the choices for the markets are the least informed about what the market really represents. My belief is the market should represent all the wonderful things you can make from the fabulous materials provided on your own little corner of the world.

 More thoughts later....Julie


Christmas (shopping) in July...& August & September...

This is going to be a series of thoughts on handmade goods at the farmer's markets. I appreciate the variety of produce and food but there are lots of items being offered that are not as temporal. I noticed that localharvest is awesome about recognizing the "other farmer's market products" but there is a need to get the average market shoppers to look beyond the dinner plate. I have been at the market with some success but looking to expand my knowledge and share my experiences. I would like to hear what others think on this matter.

There are many aspects to take into consideration. Define "crafts". What about fiber items, from animals you raised or soaps with added herbs from your garden? And what about the jewelry and related products?

This is just a starting point. We'll see what else comes up...



Adding markets!!

We tried the Colon farmer's market on Saturday after a quick decision on Friday night...short night! We did much better this week. We are hoping to add aprons and crocheted towels soon. If there was just a little more time in the day...




We will be posting the history of our products on a weekly basis. We are very interested in the sharing of information and inspiration. 

The first product will be the potholders. These are crocheted straight and end up on an angle. One of the ladies I help on a weekly basis was working on one and I decided to figure out how to make them myself. That night I went home and crocheted one up. Since we usually have many extra skeins of odd yarns, these are just right for the project. We have tried many different stripes of color and arrangements. Variegated yarns are great fun! 

Thanks for reading,  Julie


Trying again

We tried our first farmer's market on last Friday...whew! We were scheduled to set up an apron display at the Athen's market, so we decided to have a booth that day as well. Well, as soon as the display was set up, the rain came. On and off for two hours! A blessing? A curse? Ah, well we lived to tell about it and will try again on Friday August 3.



Sharing our abundance...and waste!

We are offering many handmade items. Most of our products were developed with recycling in mind. We have been blessed with many people's leftovers and throwaways, so we decided to use them up! Our yarn products are made with everything from small balls of yarn on up. Fabric scraps and trims make up a lot of our wares. We will continue to use up and appreciate what the Lord has shared with us.



Starting fresh!

It's a new day in the life of our little farm! We are offering handmade craft items right now with a continuing focus on the growth of other products. We are starting some greens, lettuces, and other fall crop items. We are also planning for our fiber and harvesting the natural dyes. Busy times and blessings abound!


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