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I see signs..................

Spring seems to be making a subtle entrance into eastern Iowa.  She is creeping in... trying not to be noticed.  But we have seen robins in the yard, the tips of the daylilies are emerging a bright green and the geese are definitely flying northward.

So I have a bad case of spring fever!  I am anxiously waiting for the arrival of 6000 annuals.  I have a month before the Fed-Ex truck pulls into the lane with the tiny plugs.  And right now -- with the mud and still cool temperatures -- there is not much to do but wait.

We are looking forward to a fun-filled year.  We hope the fiber studio will be completed this year.  And I want a new look in the gazebo.  The corn-zebo continues to be a popular gathering spot and I encourage you to grab a lunch and enjoy its simple amenities.

Right now -- I'm painting barn quilts for several locations around the farm.  I want to learn how to quilt.  But I really don't need another obsession!! So hopefully, you will enjoy the quilts and I will enjoy creating them ..... without a sewing machine!!

We will be doing more classes this year.  Anyone game on learning how to make mozarella cheese??  This wonderfully fresh cheese can be made at home from grocery store products.  Send me an email if you would like to learn how.

Have a great day.......... we hope to see you soon.  Remember -- the farm is a great place for a bible study, woman's group, book club or date night with your favorite honey!!! 

 Miss Effie



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