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Rainy days..................

Well -- it is spring at Miss Effie's and the porch is filled with flats of flowers, waiting to find a home in the garden.

 The gardens are currently filled with very fast growing grass and weeds.  Seriously now, how does the grass grow faster than we can get it pulled.  It is moments like these, that I think "Spray!!"  And I will come to my senses and will be back on my knees pulling the weeds!

The new chicks and ducklings come in less than 2 weeks and I can't wait.  I have no idea where I will put them! Cruella Deville and her silkie friends have taken up residence in the "new chick" area. 

Cruella is a black silkie.  Very cute but were hired to help eliminate Japanese beetles from my raspberries. I'm a bit concerned.  The silkies seem to be far more interested in layer mix than dandelion roots, lettuce greens, grape tomatoes. The older and larger girls look at them with distrust.  How can they ignore a grape tomato??

Makes me wonder about their interest in Japanese beetles.

 Oh well, its time to get back to the garden.  Hope to see you all soon.  We plan on opening approximately May 15th.  Watch here and on our website www.misseffiesflowers.com for more information.


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