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tales from the crop
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clipping and cleaning

scape bulbils add great excitement to the kithchen this time of year.  [Read More]

harvest is in!


  All the garlic is in, and i must say it is gorgeous, stunning, and vibrant.  A wwoofer, Leo, helped us with the early variety a couple of weeks ago, and the other two Grant, Trino, and Natalie helped us harvest and clean.  After a week of gorgeous hot weather harvesting by hand in the sun we finally got it all out!  I have been growing two crops of garlic for the last 6 years and one crop at least for the last 12 and i have never seen such an abundant bunch of giant bulbs.  We have Mother Nature to thank most of all i suppose with the abundance of rain we received this spring and early summer, as well as a few human types, you know who you are Kiki!  It is all curing in the Garlic shed and our early variety (Russian Tzan) is ready for sale as it has cured already.    

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