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tales from the crop
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goin' north, spreadin' health

Well, as I am enjoying the sun here in sunny San Diego, apparently spring has not yet arrived in northern Idaho.  We had snow and hail about ten days ago, and it seems it gets below freezing most nights according to Kelly.  I cant say i am upset with the situation, being here in the heat I mean.  But it ain't easy haulin garlic around pound by pound, so i dream about the cool nights and the chance to take a break for just a day when i arrive back at the farm in Idaho.  But, first, i have to share the health and wealth we have packed into our bus right now.  The crop was beautiful this year as our southern desert farm was blessed by a ton of rain.  The vibrancy of the purple is really standing out, and i can never get over the fact that peoples eyes pop out of their heads when they see fresh garlic in April.  Well, just about 3,000 more miles, 6 more states, and a whole lot of lifting will bring me back home to see my babies again.
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