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Another Season Comes and Goes

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Farm life end of spring 2014

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Walnuts are done!

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So many Veggies and so little time

It is mid July or maybe just past that. The garden is in full swing.  It is producing faster than I can share, gift, or can. Which leads me to the purpose of this entry.


So far I have made blackberry, apricot, kiwi, and fig jam this year. I have also replenished my relish as we used it all from last year. I make jalepeno relish, which is not as bad as it sounds. It uses a ton of jalepenos, and a few cucumbers and it is just as sweet as you want it to be with no spice.  (hotness that is.) We just love it, especially in our pasta salads.  

I have also canned my first pickles this year, and ate almost all of them already. oops. I guess I need to can some more. After much research, I found what I believe to be the best pickle recipe, and that is one made for the fridge, like Clauson's. They turned out amazing and I will improve upon them the second go round.

I have also been making and baking like crazy. My husband loves it but is complaining about the expanded waist line, which means I need to do less baking and more canning. I have made blackberry and fig ice cream, peach cobbler or course, and some fruit leather out of all the plums. My little 16 month old has been loving it all. She walks around asking for fruit smoothies all day. I can see it has taken a toll on her diaper changes. YIKES...Even she can't get enough fruit but has to take it slow. 

My next big experiment in the works is canned marinara, which looks like a daunting task. Wish me luck.   


June 2013 into July

Wow, what a bountiful season. This year we have been bombarded by trees full of fruit.  Even trees that in previous years have not done so good, like our peach and apricot trees.  I have been managing the best I can from giving boxes of it away to canning, preserving, drying and freezing as much as I can.  I have learned that I need more practice at drying fruit.  

Our apricots are just about done, our plums and pluots are coming on strong, and even the pears are starting to come alive.  Our family has been sharing all our desserts with each other and can't wait to share them with you all. 

The garden of course is in full swing, like most gardens at this time.  So far we have been doing great with keeping up with it.  Baby Rio has been helping with the weeding, and we have all been able to keep up so far with the harvesting.

The yellow wax beens have been producing like crazy, and even the carrots around them have been doing well in the heat. We can't wait to take our first bites out of the beef steak tomatoes. Early girls have been producing a good 5 tomatoes a day at least, and that number rises with each day that pases.

What are we waiting for?  We are all itching to pick that Casaba that is growing strong.  Even the pumpkins look promising. There are all so a few squash that still only have flowers on them (spaghetti and butternut).

 Are bellies are full after each visit to the garden. Full of all the fruit, veggies and berries.

Soon I will figure out how to add some pictures as evidence.  


Our Garden June 2013

Raised Beds

We have gone through great lengths this year to put in and experiment with raised beds. Although raised beds are typically used for poor soil condition, we are using them for much different reasons.  We are lucky enough to have some of the most fertile soil around which brings out the best in our vegetables and fruit.  What we want more control over are the gophers and weeds.  

 Because we are small time farmers and full time walnut farmers, it is hard to keep the garden in check. For this reason we are doing raised beds as well as in ground vine plants.  So far we have been able to reap the benefits of low weeds and no gopher problems in our beds.  Of course, the gophers have been enjoying our melon plants one by one.  

We have already started harvesting summer squash, spinach, lettuce, swiss chard and even some beets! The peppers, as always, are beautiful and amazing and plentiful. Are you in need of some peppers?

We have also harvested our first tomatoes (early girls). Next up...cucumbers, yellow wax beans, eggplant, and melons (what the gophers don't get).  I will let you know how that pans out.  If you are interested in harvest share, or purchasing some veggies or fruit, drop us a line.

Fruits in season right now, mmm mmm apricots and peaches! 

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