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June 2013 into July

Wow, what a bountiful season. This year we have been bombarded by trees full of fruit.  Even trees that in previous years have not done so good, like our peach and apricot trees.  I have been managing the best I can from giving boxes of it away to canning, preserving, drying and freezing as much as I can.  I have learned that I need more practice at drying fruit.  

Our apricots are just about done, our plums and pluots are coming on strong, and even the pears are starting to come alive.  Our family has been sharing all our desserts with each other and can't wait to share them with you all. 

The garden of course is in full swing, like most gardens at this time.  So far we have been doing great with keeping up with it.  Baby Rio has been helping with the weeding, and we have all been able to keep up so far with the harvesting.

The yellow wax beens have been producing like crazy, and even the carrots around them have been doing well in the heat. We can't wait to take our first bites out of the beef steak tomatoes. Early girls have been producing a good 5 tomatoes a day at least, and that number rises with each day that pases.

What are we waiting for?  We are all itching to pick that Casaba that is growing strong.  Even the pumpkins look promising. There are all so a few squash that still only have flowers on them (spaghetti and butternut).

 Are bellies are full after each visit to the garden. Full of all the fruit, veggies and berries.

Soon I will figure out how to add some pictures as evidence.  

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