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Walnuts are done!


The harvest is over!  What a great year we had for walnuts, and for the first year ever with a big thanks to my brother, we got the complete harvest completed in under a month. Not only that, the walnuts look great.  And according to the grades, they are great.  If anyone is slightly interest in walnuts, let us know and we can maybe hook you up.


Well the summer garden is almost done.  The squash is for some reason still going strong, but the tomatoes are slowing way down.  I hear from other who say their plants are all done, so in that respect we are lucky.  This was a year of firsts; First time with raised beds, first time we plant pumpkins, and first time we plant a fall garden.

 That is right.  Right before I gave birth to a beautiful bouncing boy, I was able to prep the garden for fall sowing, and even plant a few things.  As soon as I was up and walking around, I went back and planted a few more things.  We are hoping for some good carrots, beets, onions and garlic this year.  We have also some greens planted like lettuce, swiss shard and spinach.  We will see how our first test fall garden does.  If all works well then we will try next year.  If all fails, then we will try harder next year.


The fruit of the season is also ready to go.  Apples, persimmons and pomegranates! We can't eat them fast enough.  I am sure many of you have your favorite recipes so I won't share any of mine at this time. Besides, if your anything like me, you might not use recipes.  I just wing it and it always seems to turn out ok, if not better. Which reminds me, I am going to whip up some good ole' fashioned apple pie today.  

In conclusion, if anyone has some extra special dessert recipes to share, please do. I can't wait to see how the fall garden comes along.  I will keep everyone posted.

Until next time. 


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