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Overveiw of 2013 Preps

Since we have a Facebook page and a website, I suppose the next thing to do is to begin a blog.  Well, here it is folks, our first blog entry.  I just wanted to write this to give you a little preview of things you may read upon this blog.  We are approaching spring 2013 and we have a lot of things planned which also means lots of end of winter preparations. Some of the things on my to do list :

  • install drip irrigation in our peach orchard
  • install drip irrigation at the house (more of an urban setting- this should be fun since I will get to use an array of tubing sizes, emitters and emitter hoses)
  • till the area intended for new tomato rows, adding more space to grow, with the intent of 'rotating crops' which can be difficult for us trying to grow as much as we do in such a small amount of space
  • Make a run up to Fredericksburg to pick up tomato cages, and IBC containers intended for our new aquaponics adventure this summer (so excited)
  • purchase bulk seeds, for planting and beginning this spring we will be selling seeds at the store
  • Begin a potted herb garden outside the front of the store for our new in-store feature- cut your own herbs! For sale by the ounce, cutting only what you need, reducing waste and ensuring the freshest possible herbs
  • order pollen traps and honey supers for the Italian beehive, and get ready to split my large, Texas beehive (lookout for bee pollen for sale, and hopefully some delicious raw honey toward the end of summer)
I'm sure there is much more that I'm not thinking of, but I do realize now, that instead of being on this computer, I should be getting prepared.  And now you know a little bit about our plans for the spring/summer of 2012.  Check back folks for updates on the progress of the to do list, and more insight to each topic.  I hope to cover my experience with drip irrigation, aquaponics (including how we will build our setup), herb growing, making concrete planters, and beekeeping topics (this year I will be installing nucs, splitting hives, and hopefully harvesting honey). Thanks for reading, and giving me a chance to write down my goals for this summer.  Now it is time to get to work.
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