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Oh so good for your Soil...

Back2thebeginning is multitasking our way to a greener, healthier environment. We're a no chemical, no pesticide living venture. We work hand in hand with mother nature. She, so generously provides gifts, we most appreciatively use them & then give back to her.

Here's a green gift she's provided & we'd like to share our bounty & knowledge with you.  Comfrey, a multipurpose herbaceous plant, used as a fertilizer and as an herbal medicine.

We take full advantage of the Comfrey we grow, cultivate & harvest right here, at the back2thebeginning homestead by fertilizing all our land. We do so by making a wonderfully nutritious tea for all the greenery, Then we use the spent herb to compost back into the soil.

Comfrey  attracts beneficial insects. Yet another way it brings goodness naturally to our land.

A true beneficial permaculture plant feeding the soil naturally.

Why not add some goodness to your surroundings. 

Dried or fresh Comfrey leaves have the following percentages of NPK:

Nitrogen:  0.75%

Phosphorous:   0.25% Potash:   0.2%
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