Mamushi Nature Farm

  (Franklin, Tennessee)
"Good food is Good Medicine" We produce the best.
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Quality Foods and Good Medicine for the Body and the Soul

Mamushi Nature Farm produce foods using the Japanese Nature farming method. We produce quality plants and animals for human consumption.

We help our customers in their efforts to obtain the best meats, milk, butter, plants, and fruits and veggies (whenever we have plants available).

We provide minerals that we obtain for our own use to customers if customers seek them from us. We have Dead Sea Salt (minerals that are pure), and we have Himalayan Pink Salt, a Kosher product, that you can use in place of your regular table salt. Our Himalayan Pink Salt is far superior to the regular salt that you purchase off of the supermarket shelves, or course.

Mamushi Nature Farm is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, teaching farm whose purpose for existence is to educate a new generation of farmers. Everything that we sell goes to futher our mission. We also need money in order to further our goal of becoming one of the most friendly and safe places on the planet for disabled people. We need your help. Your business is essential to our mission. Thank you. Dr. Haddox

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