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What's new in 2014

Wedding Flowers

For the first time since we started the farm in 2000 we are going to have some "pick your own flowers" this year.  The flower choices that customers can pick will be specific shrub varieties such as our twelve different kinds of hydrangeas, Nine bark branches and certain flowers.  We will offer the rest of our flowers as bunches of five or ten stems and the pricing will depend upon the flower.   Additionally we will offer classes for bides or others that wish to make their own flowers if they are ordering flowers from us.  We will also offer consultations for those that need a little help with their flowers.  

Our full season usually begins around the first week of June and goes until the first week of October.  We will continue to offer full service weddings and bouquet service for those that just want to purchase bride and maid bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages and make their own centerpieces.  One consideration with making your own is the time required to do so.  If you are having a very informal wedding with friends gathered in a barn or home yard setting it is very possible to make your own centerpieces.  If you are having a formal affair with out of town guests you may not have the time you need to make your own and enjoy your company.

We will require a reservation and deposit for any event be it full service or pick your own. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Keeping your flowers fresh!

Keeping your Flowers Fresh

To have your flowers last as long as possible follow these simple tips.
If your flowers have been out of water, recut the stems an inch or two.
Cut the stems with a clean knife or sharp scissors or clippers on an angle.
Use a super clean vase!  
Use flower food if available and follow the packet directions.
Use purified water if available, such as reverse osmosis.  Do not use water from a salt based water softening system.  Salt will reduce the life of the flowers.  If your water has fluoride in it certain flowers will be adversely affected especially lilies.
Keep your flowers away from heat, sunlight, vegetables and fumes- gas or cigarettes.
Do not let the flowers run out of water.  They are very thirsty and will drink a lot!
If they do run out of water, recut stems and add fresh water.
If you don’t have flower food you can try a little sugar, lemon juice and bleach.  The sugar feeds the flowers, the lemon juice lowers the ph, and the  (few drops only) of bleach will kill the bacteria.
If you don’t want to do all that, fresh water is better than yuckey water any day!

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