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New for 2015 from Folls Flowers

We have started seeds for this years' crops of gorgeous new flowers.  My favorite new flower from last season was the Icelandic poppy.  You can see images on our web page or on the Field to Vase blog,  The June weddings last year had lots of poppies as did some of the July weddings.  We are also growing lots of new dahlias this season and some stunning new zinnias, foxglove and delphinium.  It is hard to contain my enthusiasm about spring.  Even though it is ten degrees out and snowing I am getting excited about another season of flowers and weddings.  These are flowers from last July.

What's new in 2014

Wedding Flowers

For the first time since we started the farm in 2000 we are going to have some "pick your own flowers" this year.  The flower choices that customers can pick will be specific shrub varieties such as our twelve different kinds of hydrangeas, Nine bark branches and certain flowers.  We will offer the rest of our flowers as bunches of five or ten stems and the pricing will depend upon the flower.   Additionally we will offer classes for bides or others that wish to make their own flowers if they are ordering flowers from us.  We will also offer consultations for those that need a little help with their flowers.  

Our full season usually begins around the first week of June and goes until the first week of October.  We will continue to offer full service weddings and bouquet service for those that just want to purchase bride and maid bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages and make their own centerpieces.  One consideration with making your own is the time required to do so.  If you are having a very informal wedding with friends gathered in a barn or home yard setting it is very possible to make your own centerpieces.  If you are having a formal affair with out of town guests you may not have the time you need to make your own and enjoy your company.

We will require a reservation and deposit for any event be it full service or pick your own. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Spring is Coming!

This winter has been the least snowy of any I have ever experienced in upstate NY.  We have only had about eight inches of snow all winter and most of the time grass is visible.  My horses are happily munching old pasture instead of eating their hay.  The birds in the barn are beginning mating rituals.  I started my lisianthus seeds.  I love the flower but it is very hard to grow from seed because it grows so slowly.  It takes from January to July to produce a flower and the first three months produces just a tiny plant.  They make great wedding flowers though so they are worth the difficulty.  Other flowers are much more rewarding to start indoors because you see growth on a regular basis.  This year we are also going to grow a lot more food and plant some fruit trees.  My grandsons will help with the gardens and harvest this summer. 

 We already have about ten weddings booked and we have ordered some beautiful new lilies and will be growing some gorgeous new snapdragons and delphinium.  I love to use tall, dramatic delphiniums in giant urns for churches and receptions.  We will also be seed testing for the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers many new varieties of celosia, gomphrena, carthamus, larkspur and tons of new sunflower varieties.  I can't wait to get out in the garden and plant some new beds and dig in the dirt.  Sometimes I think it is better to live in a four season climate so I can have my enthusiasm renewed every year.


Rites of Winter

Every year about this time I am inspired to plan the coming year.  I search seed catalogs for the newest and best flowers to grow, I research what colors and flowers are "in"for the coming wedding season and I resolve to exercise more, do my yoga and floss my teeth.  I rebuild my website adding all the new pictures from last year's weddings and dreamily gaze at the beautiful pictures of peonies, hydrangeas, delphiniums, sunflowers, zinnias, roses and all the gang.  I love my flowers and the temperate seasons, but I also love the solitude of winter.  Time to plan, order and resolve.  Time to clean and paint and organize.  Time to cook and bake and make bread.  I have always felt what a shame it is that my fresh vegetables are not available for me to cook during the winter.  I know about canning and freezing but it is not the same.  I did make sour kraut from my abundant cabbage crop this year and it was the best!  Once spring is here it's too late for any of those activities as the frenzy of weeding and seeding and mulching and planting and picking and creating gorgeous bouquets takes all available time away from domesticity.

Emails and calls are really starting to pour in now for booking wedding flowers for the coming seasons.  If you are looking for wedding flowers you should not delay because lots of dates are already gone.  The Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers has a new search feature for wedding flower growers and designers where you can type in your state.  Just google for information.  Many Local Harvest growers also list flowers as well as veggies.  I pray for a great growing season for all and peace on earth and goodwill for all on the planet.

Folls Flower Farm will be participating in a wedding/bridal show on February 27, 2011 at Anyela's Vineyards from 2:00 to 5:00.  This event will feature quite a few designs by Folls' Flowers and a chance to win a free seasonal bridal bouquet.  This is a free event but preregistration is required and space is limited so email me for more details.  We have lots of cute favors for brides as well as loads of pictures of the farm and past bridal work to view on our Mac.  

We have started some seeds here at the farm and have ordered new dahlia bulbs as well as some new flowering trees and shrubs.   I can't wait to see all the new tulips we planted last fall start to peak out of the ground.  It has been a long, cold winter and spring is always such a joy after a season like this!  We are booking many dates for this spring, summer and fall so if you need wedding flowers this year from Folls or from anyone else you should make plans to contact your grower now.


We won the Bride's Choice Award!

Skaneateles, NY February 2, 2010- WeddingWire, the nation's leading wedding technology company, has just announced Folls Flower Farm has been selected to receive the WeddingWire 2010 Bride's Choice Award for flowers and florists.  The annual Bride's Choice Awards recognizes and celebrates excellence in quality and service within the wedding industry, as determined by recent reviews and extensive surveys from over 500,00 newlyweds.

Folls Flower Farm is among the top five percent of all wedding vendors in the WeddingWire community which includes over 100,000 wedding professionals across the US and Canada.  Awards were given to winners across 19 different service categories, from wedding venues to wedding photographers.  

"We are excited to recognize and honor the success of the top wedding professionals within the WeddingWire community" said Timothy Chi, WeddingWire's Chief Executive Officer.  "The annual Bride's Choice Awards program has given us the unique opportunity to highlight the best wedding professionals in each region as reviewed by brides and grooms who have utilized their services in the past year."

We are happy to announce that Folls Flower Farm is among the very best florist within the WeddingWire Network, which includes WeddingWire and Martha Stewart Weddings.  We would like to thank our past newlyweds for nominating us for the 2010 Bride's Choice Award.

Gearing up for Spring!

I start to get really excited this time of year for the coming of spring.  I do not mean to imply that I am not enjoying winter, but as a grower I am thinking of all the new flowers I'll be growing this season.  This is also the time of year that many brides start to finalize wedding plans and I meet with many this time of year when I am not as busy.  Some of the new flowers we are growing this season include a new bright pink phlox, some neat grasses, a new sedum, a giant orange trollius, a gorgeous thalictrum, new columbine, iris and tons of new seed grown lisianthus.  I am trialing seeds for the ASCFG once again and so will have some new interesting cut flowers not released to the general public yet.  I will be trying some new weed prevention practices and hope this will pay for itself in the long run.  I am looking for a student intern to help if you are interested contact me.

 Enjoy your life every day in every way!


Keeping your flowers fresh!

Keeping your Flowers Fresh

To have your flowers last as long as possible follow these simple tips.
If your flowers have been out of water, recut the stems an inch or two.
Cut the stems with a clean knife or sharp scissors or clippers on an angle.
Use a super clean vase!  
Use flower food if available and follow the packet directions.
Use purified water if available, such as reverse osmosis.  Do not use water from a salt based water softening system.  Salt will reduce the life of the flowers.  If your water has fluoride in it certain flowers will be adversely affected especially lilies.
Keep your flowers away from heat, sunlight, vegetables and fumes- gas or cigarettes.
Do not let the flowers run out of water.  They are very thirsty and will drink a lot!
If they do run out of water, recut stems and add fresh water.
If you don’t have flower food you can try a little sugar, lemon juice and bleach.  The sugar feeds the flowers, the lemon juice lowers the ph, and the  (few drops only) of bleach will kill the bacteria.
If you don’t want to do all that, fresh water is better than yuckey water any day!

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