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Old Fashioned Ways to Make Old Fashioned Eggs!
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A few new additions and some fresh herbs a coming.....

Wanted to show off some new additions.....

4 baby Pekins and 4 Baby Runner ducklings! We also have a few more ducks coming in April after these leave the brooder! These will be joining our other laying ducks in no time and enjoying the great out doors and supplying us with delicous large eggs:)

Also we have some fresh potted herbs getting close for sale Parsely,Sage,Sweet Basil,Opal Basil,Savory and Terragon.

The parsely is ready and so most of the Basil, the cost on these 2.5" Potted herbs is 1.75 each. There is nothing better than a nice little herb garden in your kitchen window for seasoning all your locally created meals. Egg production is doing quite well and so is buisness here at the farm. We normally have eggs on hand but it is always a good idea to call or text ahead just to make sure we will have your order ready and on hand. We are still holding at 2.50 a dz and we will hold that price as long as we possibly can.That about wraps things up this week, it has been a busy one...

Thanx for reading!We Appreciate It!

Whitfield's Family Farm

"Old Fashioned Ways to get Old Fashioned Eggs!"


Sold out again! So on to starting seeds:)

You can almost see tumbleweeds rolling out of our fridge as the last of this weeks eggs had left the building. We normally start talking orders on Wed for Friday delivery and Friday/Saturday pick up. This week we were sold out before I could even post the request! We cant wait til these new layers get our feed through their systems and start laying that awesome orange Whitfield's 'signature' yolk.......Mmmmmmmmm

So on to seed starting today........today we will be starting cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and who knows what else.

Next week we are going to start getting our favorite chicken recipes together and up on the site so people can start dreaming of how they are gonna eat our chickens, eggs and fresh produce.


Dean Whitfield

Whitfield's Family Farm

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