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Your SEPTEMBER 10th CSA box, sautéed peppers and onions recipe, and “Learn to stay grounded, when your ground is shifting.” by Kayla

French Fingerling Potatoes (1 pound) – These potatoes are a smaller variety of potato but are great for storage, and have a smooth creamy flavor.

Yellow Candy Onions (3) – This is the last week for our yellow candy onions! No need to cry, soon we will be moving to our longer lasting storage onions.

Pac Choy head or a Greens Bunch – Pac Choy is back again! The whole head; from stem to leaf are edible. Slice them into your salads or stir fry em’ up! The stems are a crunchy flavorful snack when dipped in pesto or hummus. Yum! The greens bunches this week include turnip, perpetual spinach and daikon radish greens. They are nutrient rich and flavorful. You can prepare them simply with a bit of butter, water and tamari for an awesome addition to the meal.

Sweet Peppers - Your box may include some of the following varieties: Jimmy Nardello (dark purple), Sweet Carmen (small red), Corno di Toro (long redish-green), Red Pontiac (red bell), or Tangerine Gold (miniature orange bell). All of these peppers are really sweet and are great raw in a salad or cooked in many different dishes! The Jimmy Nardello and Sweet Carmen are great for roasting too! Check out our recipe this week!

Banana Peppers or Hot Peppers – Feel free to pick a few hot or banana peppers out to add some zing to your favorite dish! Some of the different hot peppers we will be providing at the market this week are: Thai, Habanero, Jalapeño, Paprika, and limón peppers.

Summer Squash or Cucumbers– Your box will include either a couple of cucumbers, yellow patty-pan, yellow neck, or zucchini. See past weeks’ blogs for recipe ideas including egg frittata, morning glory muffins, or pan grilled squash. Enjoy the summer bounty!

Green Beans – Choose between two varieties of stringless snap beans or from four varieties of pole beans (with string). We still have greasy beans, preacher beans, Half Runners, and Goose beans. Feel free to have a little taste test when at market to see which beans you prefer.

Tomatoes – They’re still hanging in there! We are now placing a row cover over them at night to keep the morning dew off of their top branches.  Choose one pound of our heirlooms, slicers, or a pint of our cherry tomatoes.

Basil, Sage, & Parsley – These three herbs enliven the flavor to a variety of dishes! Parsley and Basil are a great garnish. Chop them up finely and serve em’ fresh with your meal! See previous blog entries for nutritional info on these herbs. Sage is a great herb that aids digestion when served with meat. Sage also has natural anti- bacterial properties that work as a tonic to help boost your immunity.

… If you would like to try some St. Johns Wort instead of Sage or Parsley, please let us know! St. Johns Wort has anti-bacterial properties that stimulate the immune system against infection and is an aid in healing. Just throw the leaves and stem into some boiling water, let it steep for about 5 minutes, strain off, and enjoy with a little local honey or sorghum.

Mint – This variety is called Mint Julep, as some of you know, Mint Julep is also a refreshing alcoholic beverage that is easy to make at home! All you need is a simple syrup (dissolved sugar in water), fine Kentucky bourbon of your choice, muddled mint leaves, and ice. If you are not into cocktails, try a refreshing mint sun tea! Just add water to the mint leaves in a jar, let sit in the sun for a few hours, strain off leaves, add ice and relax!

Banana Melon – Thanks to these past few weeks of really hot and dry weather, this oddly shaped melon is already ripe and ready to cut into! This sweet, smooth, cantaloupey smelling melon is perfect to share! Just cut it up like a watermelon or skin it and cut into chunks like any other melon. Any way you try it, you will not be dis-pleased! 

Old Timey Heirloom Apples  - These apples sure are sweet, crisp, and delicious! If you let the more green apples ripen in the sun, they will turn red and sweeten in no time!

Last but not least…

FRESH BAKED BREAD & SPECIAL TREATS from Drew & Lindsey at Clementine’s Bakery.

This weekend is our much anticipated and long prepared Permaculture Workshop at Salamander Springs Farm. Thanks so much to those of you who are coming out and participating in the workshop! We are looking forward to teaching the way we work with the earth with a hands- on perspective!





September 8, 2013

A note from Kayla, co- manager of your CSA

Titled: “Learn to stay grounded, when your ground is shifting.”


Howdy ya’ll or should I say Hola mis amigos!

As some of you all have heard, and for those of you who haven’t, on September 26th the latitude coordinates of what I call “home” will be changing drastically. I have been granted an opportunity that cannot be turned down. Cultural Ambassadors which is an organization ran by the Spanish Embassy has offered me a teaching position for a full semester ESL (English as a Second Language) in a small rural village called Alájar. Spain. Alájar is in the province of Andalucía and is surrounded by the longest mountain range in Spain, La Sierra Morena, with a population of 800 people. I will be working with a small group of elementary children coming from a variety of lifestyles and cultures. CPR Tresfuentes is the only school in the area therefore a wide range of different communities bring their children from miles away for a good education.  A side from teaching English I will be “wwoofing” ( ) throughout the area volunteering my time on different farms as an exchange for a place to lay my head and a bite to eat. There are a variety of farms in Andalucía just like there are here in the U.S. I will be devoting my time to a number of different farms, some will include permaculture principles like we practice here at Salamander Springs, and some will be a larger scale farm with fields of cork oak trees and olive trees. Hopefully I will spend some time on hog farms learning methods of hog farming and possibly learning how to make cheese at a large scale production rate.

Although this job is taking me away from the community that I have been fully immersed in since August of last year, I have grown to love Berea unconditionally. The relationships I have built through growing food and providing it for the community is something that I can take with me anywhere I go.  And with that, I can share the knowledge I have gained here in Berea to my new community that I will soon call “home”. I can proudly say that I am ready to dive into a new culture, completely blindfolded and ready to build new relationships, hopefully through growing food and sharing knowledge, just like I have done here in Berea. I feel nothing but full gratitude to have been a part of this farm and CSA cooperative and have enjoyed providing and growing food for you all. I can honestly say that I have nothing but love for everyone I have met and spent time with these past two seasons working and living here on Salamander Springs Farm.  

Thank you, to everybody, for making this one of the best, inspiring experiences of my life.

I will always call Berea home, a part of home that will always be with me.

With world-wide love,

Kayla Lee Preston


p.s. I will be attempting to start my own blog once I settle in Alájar, and can email everyone or post the website name once I get it set up on our farm blog. so you can follow me and hear about my experiences where ever I go all the way from Berea!


Recipe of the week:

Sautéed Peppers and Onions

A simple recipe but man o’ man does it add a great flavor to almost any dish!

A few (or more) sweet peppers

A few (or more) onions

Two (or more) garlic cloves

Oil ( butter, coconut oil, olive oil, bacon grease)

add hot peppers if you dare!

Chop up any sort of sweet peppers. Today in you CSA box you will be getting a combination of different varities.

Heat up minced garlic and oil in a cast- iron skillet or any other pan you wish, then throw in chopped peppers and onions together. Let sauté for 10 minutes (or until pepper and onions are soft. Add this as a topping to your dish!  This goes great with entrees from all sorts of different cultures. This fry up can turn a plane bed of rice or quinoa a delicious meal. (might I add, is a full protein by itself!)


Salamander Springs Swat team



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