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Rainy days

Rainy days are a challenge to me here at the farm. The goats hate the rain, the chickens don't really care for it either. The cows graze away as if it was as sunny as a summer day. I don't like to garden in the rain, the dirt sticks to you and you track in mud because your covered in it. The 3 year old is muddier than you are if that is possible but he is beaming ear to ear because well boys just like to be in a state of "dirty". 

It has been hectic lately and when I say lately I think I mean the last 5 years. I have backed off of the Therapeutic Riding because I have so many other things to do and you don't get caught up on a farm. There is always something that has to get done NOW. I like to say timing is everything and it really seems to be that way. What I have in the ground isn't nearly enough for what we need to have ready. Successive planting is what I am learning now from the Organic Consultant that really wants to see success with his client farms. He says I need more help, I know but on a shoe string budget right now it isn't possible. So I am thinking next year I may be able to hire someone that can work as hard as I do... if there are any of those out there anymore. I spent a great deal of time marketing the goat kids and the milkers for sale as they come available and soon the grains, hay and produce. You kinda need it all to make it on a small farm. Something for every season to keep the money coming in to survive , upgrade and build what you need to keep going. The struggle is worth it. I just home my body doesn't give out first! 

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