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Is it summer yet?

I don't know if a farmer ever gets caught up with the farm. I know I don't. I have learned to be a little more tolerant of weeds as they have been helpful in drought years. I have learned that when you have 5 dozen (extra) eggs you NEED by the weekend 5 hens out of 17 will decide to go broody. You tend to lose the things planted in a newly broken field if you plant too early. Goats decide to not lactate as much on a day you need the milk for a cheese class. And they are ALWAYS JUST NoW out of the type of seed, fertilizer, lime with calcium , whatever it is you needed that day you can't find it anywhere for love or money. It is just one of those farm things you can't do anything about. 

This year the calamity has been hay. Now how on earth can you get hay put up if it rains every 3 days? It takes that long to cure and you need a good hot day to cut it. So I have 50 acres of tall and what I term (rank) fields that will become cow hay because the horses, sheep and the goats would have to be next to starvation to consider it a choice for forage. Cows well you give them a little ice cream and then they eat the box it came in so to speak. That is what I love about cows. Say what you want but they are NOT picky eaters and they will make something wonderful for you from a not so wonderful product. IE hay that got rained on and then baled after it was raked four times and tedded just to make it dry enough not to burn the barn down when it is stored!  They make you fertilizer , calves, milk and meat out of that grass hay...gotta love those cows.

The other thing this year has been planting. The corn is in late, the tomatoes are in late, I don't want to talk about the squash or beans right now I refuse.  I have seedlings that I have been saying (just one more day) for 3 weeks now and they are tired of waiting on me and ready to set roots through the plastic bottoms and into the concrete they are set on. The poor things. The mint is long awaiting the garden bed I have created for it but poison ivy has made a home and I am just not being brave enough and the vinegar working fast enough to get them out of the way to plant the mint in their new homes. SIGH So this will be the weekend of Epics... the EPiC planting. Come hell or highwater they have to go into the ground. The potatoes are already 9 inches tall and turning into bushes for crying out loud so it is definitely time to get the peppers and tomatoes in. NOTE: use row covers for Brussicas because there will be no broccoli from me at the farmers market this year thanks to the stupid cabbage butterflies. Sorry customers... they like them more than we do I guess and without using pesticide I have to outsmart the darn things so in the hoophouse they will be planted in the fall when the butterflies are dormant. Sound good? Besides they will be better after a first frost anyway right? On another note the lettuces look wonderful and taste even better. They haven't gotten bitter or tried to bolt yet.. even though I know it is coming soon since it is getting warm now. The carrots have surprised me and the onions and garlic have outdone themselves so far. I can't wait for tomato and basil soup with fresh garlic on a cold winter day! As will the tortilla soup with fresh frozen sweet corn , onions, peppers and other lovelies from the garden. Yum. Happy planting!

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