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Muddy Boots & Warm Hearts

It's not surprising that Mother's Day is the beginning of "crazy season" for farmers around here--markets begin to open for the Summer, the weather turns warm, and it's a rush to get seeds and plants into the dirt so we can hit the ground running. Only this year, after a week of scorching days in the field, the Hudson Valley has had three days straight of rain, sleet, wind, and even snow. It sure makes you glad for a great pair of wool socks inside of your muck boots. 

Part of the crazy is that the farm hasn't hit it's stride yet--Joe, Rhonda, Joey, & I are all working hard and ending every day tired and muddy, but every year the farm changes and we haven't fully uncovered what it will look like this season yet. Every farm changes, it's part of the beast, and it entails people, plants, and ideas that will occasionally succeed and fail.  This year, we've added a new flock of copper-feathered chickens, built new raised beds, and will be trying a little bit of vertical farming to dissuade our brazen vegetable-fed deer. Eventually all the details will slide into place and we'll have a smooth routine. 

 In the meantime, new seeds are being tried, new interns are moving in, and even what the next hour will hold can be completely unpredictable. I'm looking forward to seeing what surprises this season has in store and to meeting some of the CSA members who have joined in on the farm adventure this time around--hopefully a good time will be had by all. 

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