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Well, we're off to a cloudy start to these last few days of April, but I for one am thankful that so much of the pollen has been 'washed' out of the air....and off of my truck!

We are still trying to work out our honor stand system for egg purchasing. For the time being I have decided to take a step back and offer eggs for sale here on local harvest and via word of mouth. Basically, you just contact us and let us know how many dozen you'd like to purchase, and we'll arrange a pick up time for you. You can order through our local harvest store (when the listings become available) or via email or phone. All of our contact information is in our listing here

Now, if the sun will just come out for a bit and dry up some of the ground, I'll get the watermelons and muskmelons planted! Looking forward to that. I've got some nice microbe rich compost to work into the dirt that the plants will love. And of course it's always fun to get out on the tractor!

 Enjoy the day!

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