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Spring In Swing!

 Spring seems to finally be in full swing. I see wonderfully green leaves everywhere and the fruit trees have been flowering for at least a week or two now.
    We should have some limited blueberries and strawberries available by the end of May/early June. The bees have been very busy and the blueberries are looking great so far, but we'll have to see how the harvest goes.
'Wood Boring' bees are very prolific pollinators.
 Strawberries are a little more questionable as I've started off a little later in the season than the big producers in the area. At the worst, I hope we'll just have a later yield. We're expecting an excellent season for fresh picked blackberries though! And I don't mean your run of the mill tiny and dry berry. They are picked fresh in the early mornings and only the nicest berries make it into my buckets! (I would highly suggest getting some to make blackberry jam. YUM!)
    We may not have the highest production yields, but my philosophy is quality over quantity. If I wouldn't eat it or feed it to my family, I'm not going to sell it to yours. And I'm as picky as my pocketbook will allow without biting back!
    Looking ahead to the summer crop season, I've been planning my melon beds (and pumpkins too). We'll be harvesting these for the family and market so I hope yields are good and the weather holds for some nice, juicy and sweet fleshed melons.
    On the roster this year are 5 different types of heirloom watermelons and two heirloom muskmelons, or cantaloupes as they are more commonly know.
    Jubilee and OrangeGlo will be our large melon producers this year. Jubilee is a old time, oblong, deep red fleshed melon that is said to be crisp and sweet. OrangeGlo is exactly what it sounds like: an orange fleshed melon with a sweet, almost tropical flavor.
    We will also be offering some smaller sized 'icebox' melons. These are great for small families or folks who just don't want to haul around and store a 20-30lb melon. Coming in at 3-12lbs makes them easy to store in the fridge. Varieties will include: Blacktail Mountain (red flesh), Moonbeam (yellow flesh), and White Wonder- a white fleshed heirloom that was actually very common in the 1800s before commercial growing influenced the red flesh standard for most watermelon varieties.

    All of the produce/flowers we offer are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. If all goes according to plan, I will have cold melons out for you to taste before you buy. :)

    More on the muskmelons later....gotta get some work done around here! Don't forget, the egg cart will be open tomorrow afternoon, the 26th of April, from 3pm to 7pm. Stop by and pick up some fresh eggs for your weekend brunch!

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