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First Eggs

It has been an exciting week here at Dragonfly Ranch. We have now received our first eggs from our "girls" and they are gorgeous. We have a flock of thirteen birds; three roosters and ten hens that are mostly free ranged. 

We have several different breeds and it will be interesting to see the differences in the eggs. So far we have nine beautiful eggs from the last four days and it looks like three different hens are "gifting" us at this time. The others should follow shortly.

It was so exciting to go into their run and find our first two eggs. One was so light, tiny and perfect and the other was about medium size and it was so dark brown.  They were in the dirt cradled by the sand into what looked like a mini nest. I hurriedly made some nesting boxes out of milk crates and filled them with pine straw. Our coop was just recently finished and I do not have the "official" nesting boxes completed yet. They do like the milk crates so they will work for now. I see the girls sitting in them daily so hopefully we will have lots of eggs every day. 

After the first two they came slowly and today we are up to nine beautiful eggs. Three are brown and about medium size, one is brown and a larger size and the rest are tiny and tan colored but perfectly egg shaped. They are so cute.  

The girls and boys are fun to watch in the mornings when they are free range munching. They get fresh veggies daily and they absolutely love their lettuces. They munch them down fast. 

The roosters have divided their duties and it is fun to watch them as they work together to provide for their girls. "Nancy" (in our defense we thought he was a girl) is the "pollinator", "Emu" is the protector and has already proven a wonderful guard for his girls against people and dogs. He is quite good at showing his stuff. "Ostrich" is in charge of keeping an eye on everyone and making sure everyone stays together. He often runs around gathering everyone and getting everyone to the coop when the sun goes down. 

"Peaches" and "Cream", our two buff orpingtons are the trouble makers of the group and if they are out free ranging you can bet they are into something they are not supposed to be in. I caught them in the garden yesterday but luckily they had just found a pile of leaves I raked up. Needless to say they need to be raked up again thanks to those pesky girls.  

We will be planting soon so we are gearing up for the fall crops. Keep in touch and come for a tour this winter to see whats growing. Come visit the girls!!!

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