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Tabasco sauce

 If you like Tabasco sauce, there's nothing better than making your own.  It's so very easy.  And, you don't have to just use Tabascos.  Last weekend I picked some red Serranos (once they turn red they are mushy so they are great for sauce), Zimbabwe Bird, and red Peter Peppers (yes, they are edible, some tell me they are better than Jalapenos because their heat is more consistent). I threw the batch in some vinegar and a touch of water and boiled until they were soft. I let them cool, threw in a pinch of sugar, and 2 cloves of garlic, poured it all into the blender and blended to the consistency that I wanted. At this point many people will strain the liquid to get rid of the pieces, I prefer the pieces, so I just pour mine directly into a container and put it in the fridge with a note as to what peppers it contains.

Interestingly that mix of peppers was really good. I didn't need to add any sugar to sweeten it a bit, it was already naturally sweet. It's not quite as hot as Tabasco sauce, but it's still got bite. When it comes to adding the vinegar, I just add it until the liquid is the consistency I want. I leave mine a little thick. This is a good all around pepper sauce, good to put on almost anything.

This technique can be used with essentially any hot pepper, usually Tabasco, but they all work. So far I have one of Tabasco and this one in the fridge. The Tabasco peppers are still yellow right now, but I have 3 plants covered in fruit, so I should have a lot of sauce made up for the winter.


summer is in full swing

Well, summer is in full swing right now.  Many seeds have been collected.  I collected a few Black Naga's last night.  This is also the time to enjoy a bit of the harvest.  By the end of the summer I am sure I will be sick and tired of stuffed peppers.  I have been stuffing Poblanos and Beaver Dams (I have to say Beaver Dam is one of my favorite Poblano type peppers). 

 A friend raises goats and gave me a butchered goat.  Great way to stuff, goat meat (or regular beef works just as well, maybe even ground turkey) cooked with home grown onions and some chopped peppers and fresh tomatoes along with all the seasoning.  Stuff the peppers with the mixture, sprinkle cheese and bake for about 20 minutes at 350.  Fun and easy way to enjoy your summer peppers.

I've also been drying a lot of the harvest, Pasillas, Poblanos, Cayennes.  The smell in the garage from the drying peppers is wonderful.  It's best to keep the dryer out of the house as sometimes the fumes from drying can get a bit strong.  I have to admit, I like Holy Mole's as they are (I think) the most productive of the Pasilla peppers.

 I've also been canning peppers, Jalapenos, Biker Billy, Jalastar, Jaloro, Yellow Hungarian Wax, and some Pepperoncinis.

More to come..................

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