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Chaga "It's a way of life."
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Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) 

Chaga is a wild mushroom found on Birch trees in North America, Siberia, Asia and Europe. The Chaga mushroom resembles charcoal in appearance on the tree and a golden amber nugget at its core. Unlike other mushrooms Chaga is hard like the beautiful Birch Trees it grows in. 


Chaga's  contains things like betulin and betilnic acid, the come only from a limited number of sources here it gathers it via the Birch tree. I am repeating myself here this morning I realize. Conversations about Chaga recently led me to

re- tell my story of Chaga.  

Chaga has been used for hundreds of years in tonics, teas, lotions and extracts, helping to "balance" our bodies internal systems. 

Some of the earliest evidence of human use was found in 1991 with the discovery of the" Ice Man" carrying the Chaga tied to the wrist of this 5300 year old mummy. 

In Siberia "Chaga" is known as the "Gift from God" in Japan as the "Diamond" in the forest. Chaga is a golden, amber nugget of beauty, offering all that nature, and the universe has to offer us. 

Chaga , is said to be", immune boosting, blood cleansing, high super oxide dismatuse (found naturally in our bodies) which is responsible for slowing the aging process and rebuilding skin cells, along with vitamin B,C, and D "according to the Alaska Dept of resources" we will offer many links for your own investigation. Also found are high contents of Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Potassium". These and many more re-searchable studies can be found throughout the internet and libraries around the world published in layman and scientific sources, magazines and articles.

Slowing the aging process and rebuilding skin cells, is that what that article said? Will it help my achy joints someone asked me recently? I cant promise anything, I am not a Dr. What I can tell you, is this, I drink mine everyday !!  I also say research, research and research some more!! Find a reason not to drink it. If you do , please let me know. I am off ,to have my cupachaga!! Enjoy your day everyone.



Disclaimer: None of the opinions or claims on Carob’s Farm, Chaga Chasers or That Other Stuff are to be taken as medical truths nor are they meant to diagnose or treat any disease. Instead, we provide you with this information to aide you on your own path of discovery, and on “that” path your best judgment is always the best choice. Our very best to you. 

Please, Harvest Responsibly.

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