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Chaga "It's a way of life."
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Carob's Farm and Melissa Officinalis

 Chaga,It's a way of life!!

Melissa; she is so versatile and peeking through last years Oak leaves that covered the ground before the snow!! Melissa Officinalis that is otherwise lovingly know as Lemon Balm. The promises Melissa makes are many. Melissa Officinalis has been written about for centuries and has not lost any of her charm as she is still written about and used around the world. Whether medically or culinary, Lemon balm can be used, fresh, dried, tinctured, in teas and in cosmetics. It is even said it keep the bugs away!! So versatile and freshly scented, Melissa is certainly one of my top five favorites. I use it often, maybe even daily. As an herbal tea Melissa can be used hot or cold. It is often used with Lavender is in sugary treats and is an excellent addition to fish and famous for pesto. It mixes well with other herbs such as Lavender and Spearmint. Melissa is of the mint family. Medicinally Melissa throughout the centuries is claimed to have antibacterial and antiviral properties, I add it to lip balms to relieve not only chapped lips but also cold sores. The Essential oils in Melissa are known to be soothing and calming as an aromatherapy or medicinal tea. Melissa grows at my door to keep away any negative energy passing through with the wind and helps to keep the Maine Monster Mosquitoes away. The possibilities are endless no matter what you call her, Melissa will respond with a quick and pleasant response every time. Please Note: None of the opinions or claims on Carob's Farm, Chaga Chasers or That Other Stuff are to be taken as medical truths nor are they meant to diagnose or treat any disease. Instead, we provide you with this information to aid you on your own path of discovery, and on "that" path your best judgment is always the best choice.

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