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Extracts and Edibles

Extracts and Edibles Let the Good News continue!!

Yesterday, May Day was a great day.There wasn't a May Flower to be found, but I did find a small stand of coltsfoot!!


We were licensed by the Maine Department of Agriculture, the division of Quality Assurance the only Lab in the Northeast with the standards that they carry.Heidi was quick to give credit where it was due. I hear we in Maine have some great people in the Main Lab. Heidi, was the inspector that arrived at the door. Let me tell you it is intimidating to have someone on the way deciding the fate of something you have put your heart, soul and every extra waking minute you have into. Will it pass , will they hate the cats, will it matter that the shoe tray sits inside the front door leading to the place of question? Approval this morning from the liquor enforcement officer!! Let the extracts begin!! We have some great extracts and tinctures ready to go!! To name a few we have Almond, Meyer Lemon and Vanilla Extract. and all of it made in Maine of course!! I have a list of tinctures grown and brewed here, soon to come, Chaga Extract , Burdock root tincture, Agrimony tincture!! More added to the list everyday. Building, building and more building of links and products and social media arenas. How do we decide which ones. There is pinterest of course then we have Linkedin, Etsy and we certainly can not forget the leader of the pack, Facebook, Which ones do you subscribe to? It seems I have almost as many social networks working as I have herbs growing!!

Stop in again leave a note and let me know you were here. I love a good conversation.

Remember; Chaga, "It's a way of life."

 Enjoy your day, Robin

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