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Interactions ,Reactions and Allergies

Interactions ,Reactions and Allergies. December 19, 2013 at 4:01am Please always do your own investigation of any herbs you chose to use. Chaga, Herbs, Kombucha ETC. Please Check with your Health Care provider before using any new product containing herbs or Chaga for any side effects and allergic reactions. Some people are allergic or sensitive to Mushrooms, Chaga doesnt look like a mushroom but ,Inonotus obliquus, is commonly known as Chaga mushroom. If you are allergic to mushrooms, Chaga would not be a product for you.


Anti-allergic activities are not fully understood

Yarrow Yarrow may interact with the following medications: Blood-thinning medications -- High doses of yarrow may slow down blood clotting. If taken with medications that thin the blood, such as aspirin, clopidogrel (Plavix), and warfarin (Coumadin), it may raise the risk of bleeding. Lithium -- Yarrow may increase the amount of lithium in the body, leading to dangerous levels. Medications to reduce stomach acid -- Because yarrow may increase the production of stomach acid, it can interfere with both over-the-counter and prescription drugs, including: Source: Yarrow | University of Maryland Medical Center

Lemon Balm

Herpes Infection Numerous test tube studies have found that extracts of lemon balm possess antiviral properties.1-3 We don't really know how it works, but the predominant theory is that the herb blocks viruses from attaching to cells.


If you are taking sedative medications, use of oral lemon balm might amplify the effect, potentially leading to excessive sedation.


Please always do your own investigation of any herbs you chose to use. Read your labels. Be aware of what you put into your mouth and onto your skin. Follow that also with your pets. Chaga, is in every product we offer unless you have requested something without it. We provide you with this information to aide you on your own path of discovery, and on "that" path your best judgment is always the best choice.

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