Gravel Knolls Farm, CSA

  (West Chester, Ohio)
Gravel Knolls Farm
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The memberships are almost sold for this season and the weather's still cold so I'm feeling ahead so far this year! My main worry is being able to fit the membership traffic into the farm yard for the pick ups. We move the pick ups off the farm for the last three years to accomodate road reconstruction in front of the farm and last year we combined pick ups with the local market in West Chester, Oh. This seemed to be a very enjoyable setup for the members but the first year we did it our members responded by asking "why are we not going to pick up at the farm?". Now Jim and I have decided to move it back to the farm and I'm getting asked "why are we not going to be picking up at the market anymore" It leads me to think no matter where they pick up their produce it will be an enjoyable event in their week, and I'm looking forward to members bring their good vibes back on the farm and having a walk around the place; maybe even bending over to pick a few weeds. Linda Rosselot
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