Walnut Hill Farm

  (Shelby Township, Michigan)
Farm Fresh Eggs - Established 1822
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Please visit our new website!

Please visit our new website at http://walnuthillfarmmi.com and visit our What's New page for the latest information.

Rhode Island Reds for sale, 11 weeks old

Special deal while they last!  Our new layer pullets are growing fast and we need to give them more space.  We are selling 11 week old (as of July 28) Rhode Island Red cockerels for only $2 each.  These will soon grow to beautiful broilers or roasters, or a stately chestnut red with mahogany hackle rooster for 4-H or a backyard flock.  They are only weeks from maturity, we've invested far more in feed alone than what we are asking.  Our loss is your savings.

Rhode Island Red chicks available

Beginning May 12, 2009 and while stock lasts we are offering straight run (mixed male and female, a natural hatch) Rhode Island Red purebred chicks.

Rhode Island Reds are an heirloom breed, and are a dual purpose bird, producing both large and plentiful brown eggs as well as a meaty male bird.  Both sexes are chestnut brown and the males are tall and stately.

Starting at $2 each, price increases as they grow.  No minimum order, we have 60 remaining to sell.

Order yours today for your backyard flock!


Welcome to Walnut Hill Farm

Welcome to Walnut Hill Farm!  For those of you who already purchase eggs from us, you know the goodness of farm fresh products.  If you haven't visited us yet, please stop by the farm and see how organic farming benefits the community, and the community benefits the farmer.  It's a full circle, without you to buy the eggs we couldn't raise our wonderful flock of hens, and without us you'd be limited to the factory eggs available at the local grocery store.  Likewise, we support the local grain growers, who provide our hens with a safe, fresh product.

We also offer extras...live stewing hens, bagged poultry litter (makes the world's best garden fertilizer!), fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables in season.  We also sell laying hens, if you just want a couple for your backyard flock.

For 2009, we will be offering group orders of live chicks.  If you have room for a few birds and want to start with babies, place you orders and we'll pool them up for a large order.  And, if we get the logistics down, we'll raise a dozen or so turkeys for Thanksgiving.  These will be available by reservation only, so check back for more information after April.

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