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Enjoying This Season

It has been a really great season here at Art, Fresh Produce & more as anticipated. Nice warm sunshine and plenty of rain has given us lots of beautiful vegetables. Praise God for a great year!

There have been some challenges such as soil fungus and weeds, weeds, weeds! But the Garden looks, I've been able to keep up with it this year despite also the challenge of being in "the family way" as they say.

Best selling vegetables this year were zucchini, red romaine, and bush beans. We have had a bumper crop of red cayenne, and jalapeno, Todd's favorite. Just starting to get our tomatoes. They will be available this week along with butternut squash. Yes, Fall is in the air. Cooler temps at night have brought on the broccoli heads and been good for second plantings of lettuce and cabbage. Beets are doing well and the arugula still has great color and flavor.

Many new accomplishments this year. The newly established herb garden has filled in nicely. Sage and mint and parsley plants have doubled in size. Cilantro went nuts. Basil went nuts, and the chives, oregano and rosemary, although not very big, look healthy and established. Also new this year is our Facebook page. Thank you everyone for all your likes and comments. It has been fun keeping you all updated, sharing pics and recipes and receiving orders through messaging.

Pretty soon we will be rolling out the pumpkins and bringing out the fall crafts. Most likely the last week of September. Hoping to finish a few paintings by then!


Opening Early

We are now open for this season. Cabbage, red romaine, rouge d'hiver, arugula, and zucchini available. New Signs this year. They are working out great. Made them myself using chalkboard paint from Lowes. Really nice stuff; easy to use. Turn any smooth surface into a chalkboard! The frame gives it a more formal look. Since availability changes so much, it is nice to be able to erase and tell what needs to be said today :) Love it!

Fresh Look

This was just a boring wooden stool before it was given a fresh look with some black paint and a new padded seat cover. I used black spray paint, which made it easy to cover the inside of the legs. The seat cover I made from a shirt I couldn't wear anymore. Always loved that shirt. So glad I could recycle that beautiful material. 

Herb plants

The herbs we chose to plant this year are mostly the basics: chives, oregano, sage, peppermint, rosemary, and basil. We did choose a few adventurous ones too. They are: chocolate mint, pineapple mint, Greek oregano, and cilantro. You may be thinking "Did she say mint like three times? I hope she knows what she is in for!" Yes, we have been forewarned. It is a highly invasive plant. That is o.k. I put each kind in a big area and I hope they spread and everything fills in nicely. I love peppermint tea and would like to try drying the leaves and making my own. Who knows, maybe one day it will be for sale here on We will see. I'll keep you posted. Pictured below is, first, the pineapple mint and then the oregano. Regular and Greek. The Greek oregano has a purple color to it's leaves.

Herb Garden 2013

Last summer my husband and I started an herb garden, well I should say we started making a place to put herbs, because we didn't plant many herbs, and what we did plant died in that drought I was talking about. We decided last year that our herb garden should be in the center of our vegetable garden, as the focal point, and it could act as a resting spot, a place to sit and take a break from weeding.We carved out a circle bed with a walking path around it, and put decorative rocks in the center. Someday we will have a nice sculpture or something on the rocks, right now it's just bare. The original plan was a mulch path, but we decided to go with a grass path and use plastic edging to keep it from spreading to our veggies. It is really starting to take shape. We are just missing a nice bench to put in back of the circle path and in front of the sunflowers that are growing so nicely. Oh yeah and the garden art sculpture. Oh yeah, and herbs :)

I posted a picture below. I will talk about the herbs I planted in another entry.



Best year ever. . . hopefully

It has been a great spring for my vegetables this year. Lots of warm temps and rain in perfect sequence. About 80% of my seed sprouted this year and my little baby plants are doing good so far. The seeds that failed to appear were some of my heirloom tomatoes and peppers. Bummer . . . but should still have a good crop of both if all goes well. Last season this area was hit by a horrible drought that hurt many of us. I lost my pumpkins, cucumbers, gourds and squash despite much watering. Nothing like natures rain I guess. This year is boding much better. Pictured below are my summer squash and bush beans. Happy gardening everyone, may it be the best season ever!Summer Squash

 Bush Beans

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