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Herb Garden 2013

Last summer my husband and I started an herb garden, well I should say we started making a place to put herbs, because we didn't plant many herbs, and what we did plant died in that drought I was talking about. We decided last year that our herb garden should be in the center of our vegetable garden, as the focal point, and it could act as a resting spot, a place to sit and take a break from weeding.We carved out a circle bed with a walking path around it, and put decorative rocks in the center. Someday we will have a nice sculpture or something on the rocks, right now it's just bare. The original plan was a mulch path, but we decided to go with a grass path and use plastic edging to keep it from spreading to our veggies. It is really starting to take shape. We are just missing a nice bench to put in back of the circle path and in front of the sunflowers that are growing so nicely. Oh yeah and the garden art sculpture. Oh yeah, and herbs :)

I posted a picture below. I will talk about the herbs I planted in another entry.


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