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A little down time is needed for healing these hands...

I have put the seed store on vacation mode for the month of January 2015. Hoping the rest and hand therapy I'll be gratefully receiving this month will put Green Journey Seeds back in these listings in good time. I want to thank all of our customers for their support in 2014, and wish you all a Happy New Year!

Here's the notice you'll see in our online store, starting today. "This farmer is currently on medical leave and may not be offering seeds until later in the 2015 season. We invite you to check back here in February for an update, put your name on a waiting list for a specific product, or contact us through our mailbox. Thank you for your interest!!"

Peace is growing,

Love, Aline


A Fall Bouquet

fall bouquet 

... picked just before the first big fall rain last night features Asters, Goldenrod, Marigolds, Strawflowers, Zinnias. We give thanks to this beautiful, bountiful earth.

Love, Aline


Rare Heirloom Zinnia seeds are coming in...

   Have you met this vivid red star of yesteryear? Once popular in Colonial American gardens, our Zinnia pauciflora foundation seed was sourced from the historic gardens of Monticello.

   We have joyfully grown and saved the seed of this lovely heirloom flower in our Green Journey seed garden here in Oregon's Coast Range for several years now. This Zinnia is easily grown from seed and fairly tolerant of our drier summers, thriving in the heat of July & August.

Zinnia pauciflora seeds

Small-flowered Heirloom Zinnia in her present glory…all buds, blooms and fresh seeds to gather!

Love, Aline


Sharing is oneness

 Original art by Aline Crehore

Sharing is oneness  Original art by Aline Crehore (c) 1995

Our first year anniversary as a member of this community is coming up in May, and our new store here is allowing us to distribute seeds all across the country. We'd like to thank all of our Localharvest customers today for your support!

Steve’s words and my illustrations are the heartbeat of our green journey… an indie seed company begun in 1995. I’m drawn back to our roots as we begin our twentieth year of sowing and saving seeds.

Here’s our story  in a nutshell, with many thanks to all of the poppyswap community for teaching me the ins and outs of online marketing.

Love, Aline


Turkey Rhubarb Seeds are a hot item, today!

Yes, Rhuem palmatum v. tanguticum is an impressive beauty right now with it's early flowering stalks reaching for the sky! Our first plant to flower has grown 6 feet since the big snow in early February when it was still lying dormant below ground. This herbaceous perennial is great for rhubarb fanciers! Turkey Rhubarb is used in traditional Chinese medicine and the leaf stalks are edible just like the culinary rhubarb, Rhuem rhabarbarum.

Fresh Turkey Rhubarb seeds back lit by the morning sun are a lovely sight.

Thanks to I have 3 purchase orders for Turkey Rhubarb seed packets on my desk right now! I'll be packing these up for mailing out to our customers in Virginia and Minnesota, today. Thanks so much for your support of our seed work! Love, Aline


Local Harvest Seed Giveaway

Happy Birthday to and a happy spring to all of you! Have you heard about the Seed Giveaway this week?

Erin Barnett, director of wrote earlier this week to let us know about this great birthday offer. "Order some LocalHarvest seeds between now and midnight on Friday, March 14 and you'll be automatically entered to win. If yours happens to be one of the 14 orders we'll choose at random the following day, we'll contact you, letting you know your order is **FREE!**"

 While you have your seed list in mind, we invite you to look at Green Journey Seeds on We'd like to see one of our customers win free seeds!

Thanks for your interest! Love, Aline


2014 Seeds From Amaranth to Zinnia...

this is garden grown goodness from the Pacific Northwest!

Here's our complete list of seed offerings just in time for spring planting. 

Amaranth, Chinese Giant Orange  Amaranthus sp.  100 seeds

Amaranth, Love Lies Bleeding  Amaranthus caudatus  200 seeds

Ashwaganda (Indian Ginseng)  Withania somnifera  40 seeds

Astragalus, Chinese  Astragalus membranaceus  40 seeds

Balloon Flower or Jie-geng  Platycodon grandiflorus  50 seeds

Balsam, Garden Impatiens balsamina   75 seeds

Bean, Nez Perce Heirloom dry  Phaseolus vulgaris  25 seeds

Calendula Mix Colors  Calendula officinalis  50 seeds

California Poppy  Eschscholzia californica   200 seeds

China Aster Mix  Callistephus chinensis  100 seeds

Cilantro (Coriander)  Coriandrum sativum  35 seeds

Echinacea (Purple Coneflower)  Echinacea purpurea  40 seeds

Holy Basil (Rama Tulsi)  Ocimum sanctum  100 seeds

Marigold Mix, Green Journey  Tagetes patula  50 seeds

Mexican Sunflower  Tithonia rotundifolia  30 seeds

Mexican Tarragon  Tagetes lucida  50 seeds

Nasturtium Mix Tropaeolum majus  20 seeds

Painted Poppy Mix  Papaver somniferum  300 seeds

Rhubarb, Turkey  Rhuem palmatum v. tanguticum  25 seeds

Runner Bean, Tarahumara Tekomani 'White'  Phaseolus coccineus  20 seeds

Shirley Poppy Mix  Papaver rhoeas  200 seeds

Shungiku (Garland Chrysanthemum)  Chrysanthemum coronarium  50 seeds

Skullcap, Barbed  Scutellaria barbata  75 seeds

Skullcap, Virginia  Scutellaria lateriflora  150 seeds

Strawflower Mix, Giant  Helichrysum bracteatum monstrosum  100 seeds

Sunflower Mix  Helianthus annuus  50 seeds

Sweet Pea Mix, fragrant  Lathyrus odoratus  20 seeds

Tobacco, ‘Perique’ smoking  Nicotiana tabacum  100 seeds

Toothache Plant  Spilanthes oleracea  40 seeds

Zinnia, small-flowered heirloom species  Zinnia pauciflora  50 seeds

Thank you for your interest in Green Journey Seeds!


Seeds are for sharing...give a gift of seeds!

Give a gift of Echinacea seeds with this card; each card holds a fresh packet of seeds from our small organic farm. Embossed cards & envelopes are made from 50% sugar cane/ 50% recycled fibers. Seed packets are resealable. Each card has a seed packet mounted inside and blank space on the right for a note or letter to your friend or loved one. 


We are in the process of listing our 2014 Green Journey Seed packets. Each different variety listing in our local harvest store catalog includes the seed greeting card option shown above.

Love, Aline


Nez Perce Heirloom Dry Bean Seed Packets

For those of you interested in a good dry bean for your small homestead, we have a rare offering from our seed garden. We originally sourced this strain from the Seed Savers Exchange and have had good success with growing it on our organic farm since 2009.

Nez Perce is a half-runner type, starting out bushy and then sending out climbing vines up to about 6 feet. Rather than ripening all at once, it produces mature dry beans over a long season, within 90 to 150 days of sowing seed.

We think it to be a close relative of the "buckskin" bush bean, judging by its shape, color and taste. We're putting 25 seeds in each packet, and selling these here on Local Harvest.

packing beans


Packed with love, Aline



Astragalus Seed Packets Hot Off the Press...


New Seed Packets for 2014 emerging from the HP Color Laserjet yesterday! The paper feed tray holds a stack of 20 coin envelopes at a time. I print my artwork on the fronts, flip the envelopes over, then print the seed sowing and seed saving information on the reverse side.

We have much work to do over the next few weeks. 1. Finish cleaning and sorting our seed lots from last season’s harvest. 2. Continue germination testing on all the seeds we plan to sell this year. 3. Print packages, pack with seeds, and seal. 

It’s easiest to tackle these tasks methodically in batches, and I now have packets for 8 different varieties printed from yesterday’s session. I’ll pack seeds and have these ready to sell in the next few days! 4 or 5 more batches like this will be necessary to get all of our seed offerings out (hopefully) by Valentine’s Day!

Buy our seeds online in our NEW store. In Lane Co., Oregon buy our seeds from our seed racks at Down to Earth Stores, Sundance Natural Foods, or Kalapuya Books.

In Seeds We Trust!

Love, Aline


Homegrown Astragalus Root

 chinese astragalus root

3-4 year old Chinese Astragalus Root freshly harvested, washed & ready for our own medicine. I replanted a small portion of the crown (note the tiny shoots at the top between the dead stems) to try and keep this hardy perennial going for next year’s Green Journey Seeds collection.

Grow your own medicine! Chinese Astragalus seed packets available in our shop, now! We will be expanding our seed inventory and posting new offerings for 2014 this winter.

Blog barn readers may get an additional seed packet free with your purchase by including a note to me via email. Thanks for your interest in Green Journey Seeds!

Peace is growing




Homegrown Turmeric root

Turmeric root harvested this week from a second plant we grew outdoors this summer. Protected by an open-ended hoop house, it did not flower like the plant in the greenhouse. Looks like it concentrated its vital energy on the medicine below!

A short post on how we grow turmeric here in Oregon is found at this link:

Happy harvest days!


I'm Full of Beans! Seed Keeping Tales 3

Nez Perce Bean seed packet 

We love the satisfaction we get from filling our bellies with food from our gardens. We have been enjoying fresh green beans all month. In addition, I’ve cooked up several pots of dry beans to be accompanied by homegrown tomato salsa. An easy to grow and prolific dry bean for the small homestead is the Nez Perce Bean whose small golden seeds make a delicious and nutritious addition to our diet.  During this not so hot month of August, the seed collection has grown. We are thankful for these precious gifts from the garden which will form the basis for future gardens and happy bellies!

I’ve dried down a number of our Oregon Sugar Pod Peas to save for spring planting. To ensure that these have no bugs, we put them in the freezer for a few days.

Our August seed harvest also includes the first of many of the seeds we package and sell to our community. We are collecting Mexican Marigold Tagetes lucida, Ruffled Morning Glory Ipomea species, Love in a Puff Cardiospermum halicacabum, Holy Basil “Tulsi” Ocimum sanctum, Cilantro Coriandrum sativum, Nasturtium Mix Tropaeolum majus, and Steve’s selection from the Marigold Mix  we may introduce next year.

Happy harvest time to you!



Who is eating at my heart seeds?

This may just turn out to be a cautionary tale…like don’t count your chickens before they hatch?

I'm new to this blog site, and don't see a way to post photos here, so please forgive me for linking you up to my tumblr to read more...

I'm seeking clues to this mystery...anyone?

Love, Aline


Seed Keeping Tales 2

Seed Keeping & Chickens Peeping

Happy to say the new chicken house is nearly completed! The chickens are happy, too! I’m also catching up today on the Seed Saving Journal with a new post on our Green Journey blog. Read about how we continue to grow the seed collection with this link.

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