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Sharing is oneness

 Original art by Aline Crehore

Sharing is oneness  Original art by Aline Crehore (c) 1995

Our first year anniversary as a member of this community is coming up in May, and our new store here is allowing us to distribute seeds all across the country. We'd like to thank all of our Localharvest customers today for your support!

Steve’s words and my illustrations are the heartbeat of our green journey… an indie seed company begun in 1995. I’m drawn back to our roots as we begin our twentieth year of sowing and saving seeds.

Here’s our story  in a nutshell, with many thanks to all of the poppyswap community for teaching me the ins and outs of online marketing.

Love, Aline


Turkey Rhubarb Seeds are a hot item, today!

Yes, Rhuem palmatum v. tanguticum is an impressive beauty right now with it's early flowering stalks reaching for the sky! Our first plant to flower has grown 6 feet since the big snow in early February when it was still lying dormant below ground. This herbaceous perennial is great for rhubarb fanciers! Turkey Rhubarb is used in traditional Chinese medicine and the leaf stalks are edible just like the culinary rhubarb, Rhuem rhabarbarum.

Fresh Turkey Rhubarb seeds back lit by the morning sun are a lovely sight.

Thanks to I have 3 purchase orders for Turkey Rhubarb seed packets on my desk right now! I'll be packing these up for mailing out to our customers in Virginia and Minnesota, today. Thanks so much for your support of our seed work! Love, Aline

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