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When Life gives you Lemons, Make Limoncello!

The first time I ever tasted limoncello was a small batch made at a little pizzeria in Oakland, California where everything was sourced locally and made with lots of love and tradition.  The delicious lemon liqueur is a classic Southern Italian refreshment which combines the simple process of steeping fresh lemons in grain alcohol until the essential oils are released resulting in a beautiful yellow infusion and then mixing it with homemade simple syrup and leaving it to rest.  I had to try it myself!  Fortunately, my family owns and operates an organic ranch, Fairview Orchards in Ojai, California, where we grow a variety of citrus, so I made a batch with organic Eureka Lemons.  It was great but my curiosity and abundance of lemons compelled me to try another variety that we grow, Meyer Lemons, because they have such lovely fragrant skin and sweeter flavor.  Success! It was so delicious I wanted to share it with every one… the recipe not my limoncello! 

Here's how to make your own.

One important tip when trying this recipe is to find high quality lemons that are organic and free of pesticides and wax.  This might be the hardest part of the recipe.  Most commercial lemons are sprayed with fungicide and waxed to prolong shelf life.  But since the essential oils are patiently extracted from the skin of the lemon, choosing unadulterated, organic and un-waxed lemons is the key to getting a true lemony color and flavor.  Enjoy!



Organic un-waxed Meyer Lemons – 4-5 lbs or however many lemons fit into your container

Grain Alcohol/Everclear or a neutral unflavored Vodka – 750 ml

Water – 4 cups

White Granulated Sugar – 2 cups


Wash and dry your Meyer Lemons well.

In a large clean mason jar (or any glass jar with a lid that will secure tightly) combine the Meyer Lemons and grain alcohol and let rest in a cool dark place for a minimum of 30 days, 60 days is even better.

When ready, in a small pot heat the water and sugar until dissolved and let cool completely.

Meanwhile fish out your Meyer Lemons that have been steeping in the grain alcohol and set aside.

When your simple syrup is completely cool add half of it to the lemon infused alcohol.

Taste.  I don’t like super sweet and syrupy limoncello so adjust the amount of simple syrup to your liking. Discard the lemons because they are not edible (believe me, I tried).

Taste.  Then let rest in a cool dark place for at least 30 days.  Taste.

If you are satisfied with the flavor then throw it in the refrigerator or freezer until ready to serve.  It shouldn’t freeze due to the alcohol content.

For a fresher lemony flavor, you can add some fresh lemon juice to your infusion.

Enjoy your homemade Limoncello chilled or over ice.  It’s also fantastic over a little vanilla ice cream or shaved ice as a dessert. 

Find Organic Meyer Lemons here: Fairview Orchards Organic Meyer Lemons

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