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The Joys of Fall

When you're growing food, every year is a different experience.  Though we lost around 400 trees to the harsh winter, reducing our overall crop volume, the apples we do have are absolutely beautiful.  Good size, deep red coloring and excellent flavor.  We have held our breath as local storms have produced spotty, damaging hail, and we have "lucked out" and been missed.  We feel terribly for those who have lost their crops.  It's heartbreaking to spend your time, resources, heart and soul growing a crop, only to watch it ruined by a 5-minute hailstorm, but it happens to food producers all the time.  

We don't mind working hard all year, but the reward is truly in putting out a beautiful and healthy product for our customers.  Every year we enjoy seeing our old friends and long-term customers, but we also truly enjoy meeting new people and talking about apple production.   If you're a regular, returning customer we thank you, and if you're a new customer, we look forward to meeting you!

Stop by and say hello. 


It was a tough winter!

I'm sure you noticed that the winter of 2013-14 was a tough one!  Many of the shrubs by our house had significant dieback, and you may have experienced that as well.   Even more disheartening for us was that we lost many of our apple trees to winterkill.  Sadly, when you look down the apple tree rows this year, you see many dead trees interspersed with the healthy ones.  We lost nearly 20% of our trees.  

We've been working on removing the dead trees, but they won't all be gone as we begin the fall season.  We've already ordered replacement trees to put in next spring, but as you know, with apple trees it takes a few years to get them into production.  Just one of the ongoing challenges of food production (especially in Minnesota!)

We're confident that we'll have plenty of apples for the season because some of them did really well this year - the Zestars and SweeTangos, for example look fantastic!   It's still going to be a great year because the apples we have look wonderful.  There just might be some other varieties where we won't have as many for pick-your-own opportunities.

We always look forward to reconnecting with our customers after another year, so hope to see you soon! 



Rain was nice, hail not so much!

Well, we welcomed the 2 -1/2 inches of rain yesterday, but could have done without the hail!  We did experience some damage to the apples, but maybe only about 10-15% so it could have been much worse.

The apples we're picking now are really beautiful, with great color and flavor.  We just starting picking the Honeycrisp, so remain about 7-10 days behind normal due to our late spring.   Hopefully we won't get an early hard frost so our late apples will have a chance to fully ripen.

 This is supposed to be a wonderful fall weekend - in the 70s with dry air.  The leaves will really start turning color now, and the apples love those cool nights for ripening.  Our raspberries also are loaded with berries and the taste is unbelievably sweet.  What a great time of year!


It's so dry!

Praying for rain tonight.  We are starting to lose apples off the trees because it is so incredibly dry.  We have trickle irrigation, but that is only a supplemental system and it cannot deliver enough water to compensate for this drought.   We're worried that if it doesn't rain very soon (a significant amount) our late apples will be severely affected.

I really don't like to complain, but farming is not for sissies!  Two years ago the deer nearly decimated our trees in addition to destroying most of our crop, last year it froze during the early apple bloom so volume was down.   This year we started out with a truly beautiful crop of fruit on the trees, and now are starting to lose apples to drought.   Sigh... 


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