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Kale: Trending Now

How did Kale become such a hit? We’re not entirely sure, but it probably has something to with its unsurpassed health benefits. A simple one-cup serving can pack an enormous nutritional punch.


Kale Facts:

  •         More vitamin C per gram than an orange.
  •         More calcium per gram than milk.
  •         More vitamin A & vitamin K than spinach, parsley, and collards.
  •         Excellent source of manganese.
  •         Contains fiber and protein.
  •         Kale can reduce inflammation, cleanse the body of free radicals, and help prevent cancer.
  •         A source of Omega-3 fatty acid, essential for brain health.
  •         Nonfat and low in calories.
  •         Other noteworthy nutrients include vitamin B, potassium, iron, and magnesium.


This super-food superstar is especially good for the eyes, heart, skin and bones. It helps with weight loss and lowering cholesterol. Kale is extremely versatile when it comes to cooking and is best paired with healthy fats and acids; this helps the body absorb the nutrients to it’s fullest potential. Steaming kale also aids in nutrient absorption.

This powerhouse of a plant is very hearty and can survive snowfall. It is one of the first to rise and the last to fall here in Michigan. Look for it in your CSA box all throughout the growing season!


Click here for 52 ways to eat kale! 




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