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It's April already

Csa spots are filling up quickly, strawberries are coming on three to four weeks early as is the season. It's stressful enough being a farmer, but when spring happens fast like this year the chances of having a schedule are slim to none. We are doing all we can everyday but as usual there are just not enough hours in the day and energy from this oldtimers to keep up. It's a do your best situation and leave the rest up to God.

Have a great spring you'all.

Chris and Missy


2012 Season, February

We survived 2011! As many of our loyal customers already know, last year was a disaster and went down in the history books as the worst growing season ever on our farm. It was very disheartning to watch foliar diseases destroy our tomatoes while helplessly looking on.  The harvest was minimal and hurt our bottom line.

This year we vow to not have a repeat of that process. New high tunnels will insure our heirlooms are kept under cover and protected from torrential rains like we had last year in the early part of July. Ten days straight we had afternoon storms that dumped close to an inch every afternoon. It was the combination of too much early heat and very wet conditions that started the disease cycle and we were never able to cure the plants as we are a certified Organic farm and have no desire to use those strong chemicals that would have cured the diseases, but destroyed our status as Organic.

Excitement abounds as we enter this new season and are in fact tailgate marketing in the South Asheville market now and until the end of March, when we will return to our regular weekly markets.

The benches are starting to fill up with springs crops like broccoli, cabbage, onions, and kales. The babies are doing really well and we will be transplanting out to the fields earlier this year than in years past. It seems this mild winter has a strong case of 'spring fever' coming early to the farmers here at Jake's Farm.

We would love to talk with you about our CSA. Deep discounts are available now. Those folks who sign up this month (Feb.) will be a huge blessing to us as we finalize our seed orders and other supplies to get 2012 off to a rousing start.

Love to you all from our family to yours, may you all have a wonderfilled spring as this new year unfolds.


March 2011

We have been busy starting seeds for early crops and weeding our strawberries in preparation of covering them for frost protection as they begin to stretch out and grow flowers. We have also opened a Facebook page for the farm and posted some great pictures of how the farm looks at the beginning of March. The garlic crops is looking very happy to have gotten a little warmer temperatures and that's great to see since our winter was very cold and had some record snowfalls.

We have quite a few folks who have already subscribed to our CSA for the upcoming season. We only have 50 spaces, 40 are still open, so get in your requests and questions now!!

thanks for your interest in our farm, we appreciate you all.



January 2011

I am happy to report we so far have made it through several snow storm with no loss of structures. We are busy now selecting varieties and would love to have your input on what you would like in your wonderful CSA box this year. It's not too late to submit your ideas. Inquiries are beginning to pour into our email box and we love the attention early.

If you want to get in our CSA program early is better. We are limiting our subscriptions to 50 this year so everyone gets personal service. If you have never subcribed to a CSA please consider Jake's Farm for your first experience. We are happy to furnish many great references upon request. Jan 29 finds us on our way to a warm southern spot for a week of much needed R & R, and we are back into the full swing of farming on Feb 6.

We are busy planting broccoli, cabbage, kale, spinach, cilantro and other wonderful surprises for our first CSA box.

Kind regards...to all you readers, and love from Chris and Missy, and of course our great four legged friends. Sadly we miss Jake, he went on to the Spirit world this past December. Abe is our new Jake here at the farm and we hope you'all will come visit and meet him soon.


March is driving us mad

This month is driving me mad. I tried last week to get into the lower field to plant our acre of potatoes and the mud would not let me. The upper areas are so so. I did manage to get some ground turned and disc'd for onions. The greenhouse that was crushed by the 18 inches of snow that fell in six hours in December is rebuilt and half planted. We will have plenty of great fresh food for our late May Csa subscribers.

Next week it will be time to start our summer seeds, like tomatoes and peppers. Cabbage, broccoli, chard, collards, kohlrabi and such are ready to transplant out into the fields now...of course weather permitting. We do have a few sunny days in the forecast for next week, but I really fear we need a minimum of ten days to dry up that potato patch.

 We also scored a lot of tree starts from the soil and water conservation folks and are planning on upgrading our woodlot with some oak, river birch, and persimmons.

 The blackberry and Blueberry patch still need pruning. Most of the woodlot has been cleared of wild rose and privet...finally.

 I suppose our future is in God's hands as always...hope this finds you all well and happy and looking forward with us to a great growing season.


Feburary has arrived

This winter has been severe in the Western North Carolina area. We had one of our greenhouses crushed by snow in late December and are still struggling with mud and too much moisture. Our kit for rebuilding the damaged greenhouse is here, but we are waiting for better sunny weather before getting it up and going. We have plenty of volunteers on standby to assist in the reconstruction and for that we are most grateful.

Our big greenhouse is still producing and we have already started plenty of broccoli, onions, leeks, and cabbage. The middle of the month will see us starting tomatoes for greenhouse production to insure some early red goodness along with cucumbers and other crops for early harvest in late spring. The acre we have in strawberries is surviving the wet well, and so is the garlic. We also have some diakon radish, leeks, broccoli, brussel sprouts,  and turnips overwintering outside.

Our CSA is scheduled to begin in the last week of May. Inquiries are brisk so if you would like to be part of the Jake's Farm CSA family now is the time to get in touch with us. Missy is more than happy to answer all your questions and explain our program to you.

We have a new website carrying our products for weekly delivery in Charlotte. www.farmersfreshmarket.com We are very happy to have secured Marriott hotels as one of our newer restaurant customers along with other satisfied family folks in the Metro area of NC.


Jake's Farm

We are home from a much needed vacation to St. Martin. Our fields are surving heavy winter rains as they are fully covercropped now. The strawberries are loving their new home after transplanting in October. The garlic is growing nicely along with carrots, radishes, and purple top turnips outside.

Our greenhouses are busy furnishing our customers with all types of greens, some for cooking and lots of lettuces and salad mix. We even have micro mix and baby greens. We recovered this year using a new updated IR reflective plastic which seems to working to save on heating costs.

It's time to get busy cleaning up the wood lot and getting rid of the everpresent floribunda rose. Blueberries are going to get moved to new homes this year too!

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