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America's Heartland

The midwest has always been considered the heartland of America. From it's gentle rolling pastures to it's simple way of life. It has for many years and  for many people held the promise of the American Dream.

We moved here years ago hoping to give our children a slower pace of life and an opportunity to build a closer relationship with the land. For the most part it has been a rather pleasant experience. We were able tfind a small Amish farmhouse in a place most people only dream about.

We are nestled in the small community of Sugarcreek, Ohio and are surrounded by some of the most generous people in Ohio. From the Amish to the English each caring for themselves and their neighbors. It is unique here and in my opinion one of the  best hidden treasures of this great country.

Lately, I have found myself very saddened by what I see happening here as well as in other parts of the U.S.. As I have said in previous posts the current state of the economy has dealt  devistating blows to many communities. Daily we see and feel it's disasterous effects. We watch helplessly as our friends and neighbors as well as ourselves loose jobs, homes and sometimes faith.

We like many others were taught that the American Dream was  within everyone's reach. That by working hard and living a clean life we would always be able to provide for ourselves as well as to help out our neighbors. As I learn that a co-worker has recently borrowed  money to pay property taxes even though the loan will not be paid by the time she needs to borrow more money to pay her taxes yet again; I can only shake my head. Or maybe it's the 63 year old gentleman with diabeties who has just lost the job he  loyally held for the past 15 years  and  no longer has health insurance to pay for  the insuln he needs.

This economy not only effects Americans finacially, but it also effects the inner sanctum of family traditons. Recently, an Amish man took the life of his wife and son. He lived a few towns over and when he heard his daughter would be relocating to our community he could bear no more. You see in the Amish community they do not send their older parents and relatives to nursing homes. They build an addition onto the farmhouse, called a dowdi house, and they live out their final years at home with their family. To this gentleman having his daughter leave the family home with her husband who had no choice but to relocate after he losing his job found it too much to bear.

I am not too sure where we as Americans are headed and honestly the uncertainty is unsettling at best. For those who are currently facing the brunt of this recession/depression my heart goes out to you. May God bless you and your families.



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