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It's the little things

I heard an interesting trivia question on the news this morning. "What does an under 30 year old do hundreds of times a day that an over 30 year old does less than 10 times a day?" Hmm I was stumped. I usually am at that hour of the morning anyway, but I listened as others guessed things like sneeze, burp etc. No that's not it. Hmmmm. The answer was to come later in the broadcast, so I headed out to the barn. We've had a stray cat hanging around the barn the last week or so, and it's been so cold I feel complelled to feed it. Even my husband who normally gets upset with me about such things was worried about the cat. 

Curious I look in the shed  and there was no cat. I head in the barn still no cat. I was relieved to know the cat had moved on, or so I thought. Heading back into the house what should come bounding across the frozen and snow covered yard.. the cat. I was somewhat honored that the cat chose me to rub up against until I realized it was not me the cat wanted, but the bag of food in my hands.So much for gratitude.

Once inside I head downstairs to grab some clothes out of the dryer when I hear this hiss, drip, hiss coming from the furnace. We have an Amish furnace, and besides the firebox there are many other things on there we can not identify. So every now and again we have to call the plumber. They are more accustomed to the workings of our primitive heating system.  

 Finally off to work and my car starts with a groan. Cold weather is so hard on cars sometimes. I get in and the gauges are flashing. I switch cars with my husband for the day not wanting to tempt fate.  I am still thinking of the trivia question. Could it be scream? Lord, knows I am ready to. All those little things were begining to stress me out. No, the answer was not scream. I decided to listen on the way in to find out just what was it people over thirty did less than those under thirty?

As I am driving I am mumbling about the cat, the furnace, the car and whatever else,  I catch a flash of orange out of the corner of my eye. I am getting closer to the city limits and now the roads are paved.I wonder if it is a hunter who did not realize he had crossed into the city limits. As I look closer I realize it is a man dressed in bright orange ski pants.I slow down and look a little closer. He is homeless. He is dressed in torn and soiled clothing somehow braving the cold. In one hand he holds a steaming cup of something, and in the other a plastic bag with his belongings.

I am wondering just what was it that had me so stressed this morning? Here I am in a warm vehicle, and actually have a job to go to. This man has less than 1/2 of what I have yet he didn't seem stressed at all. It's those little things that make me crazy, and those other little things that make me smile. 

Oh, the answer to the trivia question was....LAUGH

Wishing you joy and laughter in those little things.


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