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The First Cut is the Deepest

It was a sad day on the farm yesterday. No, we didn’t loose any livestock, but a hard earned dream disappeared over the horizon due to this still sagging economy. For months now I have been watching friends and neighbors sell many of their personal possessions in an effort to stall the foreclosure of their small farms. Some have been successful and others have not. I have tried to keep a positive and upbeat outlook on the progression of things around here in Sugarcreek, and I must admit that I am baffled by the amount of businesses continuing to close and the number of people left unemployed. Wondering just when the politicians will take a look at the middle class plight and actually care at all.

Two years ago I read many an article about the impending dissolution of the middle class. Honestly I never thought it was possible. Now, I continually see more than just the handwriting on the wall. So far and by the grace of God we have been able to keep our farm, but I am somewhat uncertain as to how it will all turn out. Yesterday, I watched as my husband’s Harley was loaded onto the back of a pick up truck. No, he was not late on payments, nor was it repossessed. As a matter of fact it was fully paid for years ago by his own blood, sweat and tears. It was the one luxury he had afforded himself.  Although, I am not sure it could really be called a luxury since he rode it weather permitting for seven years to keep the fuel costs down as he drove to and from his daily job. A job he lost in early spring.

Selling the Harley was a cut we had to make to keep the rest of the farm afloat, and it probably won’t be the last one. Years ago we made a conscious decision to raise our children as close to nature as possible as well as to provide homes for many abandoned and unwanted animals. From the horses we rescued from auction to the many cats that unfeeling people dump off, we serve many. The sad part is not so much loosing something that is material, but knowing that other things may need to go. I can only hope that some one who has the ability to right this country will do so soon, and before we as well as more friends and neighbors loose their life’s work. That is again if they even care.

It may not be affecting you directly just now, but sooner or later we will all feel the loss of the small family farm. Think of the large corporate farms sponsored by large corporate donors using genetically enhanced seed and chemicals to “produce” more for less. If small family farms disappear we will all have to rely on their products to survive. If you know of a small farmer in your area support them by buying their goods. Investing in local farms and businesses will help support the community you live in and in the long run afford you good and nutritious food. On the other hand continuing to purchase goods from large corporations and foreign countries will only benefit them and eventually enslave us all.

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Hi Christine

Your blog is sad but true :/ There is not a week that goes by that I do not keep myself up at night at least a few nights out of the week, sick to my stomach thinking of all the things that could happen to my husband and I and the future of our farm :(

Investing in local farms and businesses go a long way and we all need to stick together in an effort to promote this as much as we can!

Posted by Allison on September 23, 2009 at 01:22 PM EDT #

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