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There is always tomorrow

Did you ever have one of  those days when you just feel like you haven't accomplished a single worth while thing?  Well, today feels much like that. I started the morning off with a million plans only to have the day end with not much accomplished. A hiatus I guess from the craziness of it all. I still have a list a things to do, but as the daylight starts to fade I can tell I am not getting much of it completed. I know there is always tomorrow and much of it will get done some day. Maybe tomorrow I will be more productive, and just maybe taking the day to just be was all I needed?
For now I will be content with looking through old photos that contain some of my cherished memories of simpler times. I am not exactly sure what I am looking for, perhaps some of myself that seems to have gotten lost in the day to day shuffle. Life as it seems can be so busy, so stressful, and finding time for the simple things has been sucked away like a giant vacuum. When, I wonder did life get so busy that I didn't take the time to smell the newly blooming rose, or the sunflower that has just opened  its petals to the sun. Somewhere, some how the little things, and truly the most important things got shoved aside as I work my self to the bone trying to survive.
I flip through photos of the simple, but important things and find one to end my day with. It almost looks as though the pot of gold is right in my own backyard. Maybe I will find it.......... tomorrow.                  
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