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Through the Eyes of a Dreamer

Well, we've finally gotten the rain that we needed so badly here in Sugarcreek.  The past few days it has been raining and the garden has finally gotten the moisture it needs. The weeds though, they are another story. Yesterday, I spent hours pulling and tossing them by the bucket- full. Today I hear we are set for  more rain.

The rain keeps me inside more. Normally that would bother me, but I've busy with my latest endeavor. I finally finished my 1st novel and am hoping to get it published.  No, it's not a book on gardening which you probably would imagine. The book would fall more into the category of Native American Literature. I grew up in New England surrounded by the ghosts of the Nehantic Indian Tribe, and at one point our family lived across from an old Native American burial ground . I was always fascinated with the way that they lived so peacefully on this earth leaving only their footprints as a reminder that they had been here.

If that weren’t enough to get me thinking, my mother’s side of the family are decedents of the Heron Tribe. As a child I listened to my uncle and grandfather spin tales of their earlier childhood where they incorporated the many rituals of their ancestors. You might say that at a young age I was hooked. I only wish that they had been around longer to teach me more, or at least that I had paid more attention as a child.

 I will admit that I am quite the dreamer, and these dreams have taken me where I am today. A while back I started thinking again and dreaming about writing a novel that encompasses the ideals and ways of the Native American culture. Who knows where this one will lead?



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