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To plant a garden.....

We finally received our first real snowfall of the season. It's probably a good thing since I have been working outside up until a few days ago. The ground had not yet frozen so I took the opportunity to move a huge heirloom rose to a spot where it could grow without getting in the way.It took me the better part of the day to get it's roots out and relocate it. As I worked I snacked on the sweet rose hips ones I had snacked on through the fall. I decided I should leave some for the animals and birds that eat them. I think they were getting frustrated with me as I ate them longer into the season than I normally would have. I like to munch on things when I work and the tasty rose hips were just the right snack. They are loaded with vitamin C.

 Now that the weather has changed it's time for indoor projects. I spent most of the weekend drying,  and sorting  seeds for our use as well as to share with others. It won't be too long before he ground can be worked and the newly planted seeds emerge holding their promise for a yummy harvest. I also find it fulfilling and inspiring to grow from seed, and watch the cycle from begining to end. No matter how many times I do this I am still amazed. We offer a few of the seeds on Local Harvest, and hope to add a few new ones this year. Just now I am working with Aunt Molly's Husk Tomato, Heavenly Blue Morning Glory, and some Lamb's ear. If you have the opportunity to grow from seeds it is well worth the investment.

Even if you don't have land you can still grow many seeds in containers. Here are some Lamb's ears I grew indoors. They sit happily on my windowsill stretching to reach the rays of sun. I like to grow in the winter and set the plants out when the weather is warmer. It keeps my hands in the dirt and my soul in the garden  so to speak.

It also reminds me of a saying on a windchime my husband gave me some years ago,"To plant a graden is to believe in the future." -author unknown.

Wishing you a warm winter and a bountiful harvest !

Double R Farm

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