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Thansksgiving turkeys and poultry stories

   I really enjoyed Ambers story about the mean red hen .. It likely wanted a bigger flock and place to live .Each kind of animal has its own personality just like each kind of seed has its own needs . What works in one place does not work in another . My sister had a mean rooster attack her when she went into the flock . Once she got it by its feet and swung it around a bit.  then set it down . It stopped attacking her . We have a 30# tom turkey  that attacks . We keep the bucket of feed or water between us . It is interesting that those feelings come and go with him .. I think It is hormones ...poor thing ...

 I spent the day In the rain cleaning stables and herding our nearly full grown flock of about 15 turkeys back into their  netted yard, both to protect them from bothering neighbors as well as our new delicate seedlings on the winter beds of salad and cooking greens . We also need to protect them from hunting season and cars on the road .. but they sure miss their freedom or roaming the gardens and feilds  and roosting at the top of the walnut trees .

 But I wanted to express my thankfullness for the post in this blog from Amber at the beginning of her life as a family and her joy filled stories as well as the same joy that being involved in local harvest has brought me in my later years in married life .

  Our adventure with poultry goes a long way back to childhood on a commercial farm to now living with our own heritage small flock of turkeys  that is part of our homestead- hatching and raising their own young that are part of our  life and economy though we do not sell them for food,

  I am grateful through the support of this website, to find a connection  to the broader community even if I can't seem to find much in my local community yet . Hopefully ,in the future,  that will become easier. The online support has totally kept my small farm dream alive and I am grateful to provide the food and seeds I sell to others as well as have my children and grandchild still living with us . Most of the farm is gone, but there is a bit left. :)Sharon




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